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mountain goat as a pet??

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This was in the Seattle times, they found a Mtn. Goat wandering around the Beacon Hill area. Beacon Hill is the big city, not the 'burbs or the country. Kinda weird. ... acon-hill/

I couldn't find an appropriate forum for this.

BTW, Hello from Seattle.
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Thats a sheep :)
The follow up ... ner/nSSsY/

I would think that a Bighorn would weigh alot more than 60lbs. Must be mixed with something domestic.
Oh come on guys. That is obviously a Barbados Blackbelly, a type of hair-sheep. Common as dirt and worth about 100 bucks +more for some people who like their fancy horned heads. A completely domestic sheep breed known for a less gamey taste and for being a bit skittish and of course for having no or very little wool.
Hmm... looks more like a young Texas Dall to me. Aren't the Barbados Blackbellies supposed to have a black belly?
Definately not a blackbelly. Actually, of all the sheep breeds, Blackbellies look the most like goats to me. I do appreciate the confusion this "mystery critter" has brought to the city that never sleeps.

Just for kicks, I would say it is a Katahdin (deffinitely cross). Either way, he looks delicious! ;)
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