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Mounting :confused:

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I have never bred goats, and I only have two. I have never owned goats before so it's a new field (no pun intended).
I raised my goats from bottle babies and I had 1 buck so I got someone to band him for me ( we did the rubber band kind) and I had one doe.
My doe has gone into season for the first time. I saw my wether mounting her. Do wethers do that? I didn't think that they do. Is it normal? I just want to know. Because if the banding didn't work, then it's ok, I just need to know if I should be expecting babies. Of course i will be able to tell if my doe starts to get big, but I would still like to know if wethers do that. Thank you so much!
littlefarmerblue :confused:
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yes wethers can still sense when a doe is in heat and many of them will act "bucky" they jsut can't reproduce.

My wether gets all crazy when my does are in heat - so yup this is normal

Oh and WELCOME to The Goat Spot :D
Completely normal.You have nothing to worry about.My weather does that even when they aren't in heat!
Yep, I only have three wethers and they do it to each other :roll: As long as he isn't all hairy and stinky, then you can be sure he's an ex boy.

Welcome to The Goat Spot :D
Hi and Welcome ! Don't be too surprised when you see your doe mounting him!! No matter what they are, it seems they all like to give "piggy back rides" lol :p
Yes it's normal. It is even sort of helpful because you know when they hold still for it they are in heat!
We have a ton of wethers like that, its funny to watch them do the buck thing to the does when they are in heat. The does beat them up for doing it but they still wag their tails! :p :lol:
Ok! Thanks so much! I just wanted to make sure ya know....
Thanks so much!
Off topic but still... does anyone have Obies, Toggs, or Saanens in NC for sale? I only want a doe kid. So if you will be kidding soon then I would be glad to know.:wink: So thanks y'all!
First of all, :wave: Hello and welcome, it is a great place to be.

Like everyone else said, it is normal.
How old are they and what kind are thy? Also, we LOVE pictures
First off welcome, and yes it is normal. My wethers hump each other all of the time. What's even funnier is watching Rose hump the boys.
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