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Hey all. I have roughly 5 acres of land that I want to put some Nigerian Dwarves on, but I want to use movable pens for rotational grazing instead of letting them run loose in the entire pasture.

I'm trying to decide between goat panels and electric netting.

Goat Panel Worries: Some of the pasture is hilly which makes me worry that the goat panels won't sit flush with the ground, and I worry about predators and the goats themselves being able to scale the fence.

Electric Netting Worries: Some of the ground has a lot of browse that I want the goats to eat, but I worry about the brush shorting out a charger on an electric net. The electric netting would keep the predators out, but I'm also worried about the goats getting tangled in it.

Any advice?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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