Multiple bucks together?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by liz, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Anyone ever have problems with their boys being together?

    I am a bit worried, this year Teddy is as much a "big boy" as his sire and Hank, my pygmy. 3 boys in rut full force is a bit scary!

    My fear is that Teddy has gotten too big for his britches, even the main man Hank backs down....and Chief is a wussy to begin with, I really would hate to have to separate them but I do fear that baldy Chief will end up hurt, even though he hits just as hard with his head as the other 2 do with their horns. I never had a problem before, but Teddy seems to be the agresser.....the only place I could use to separate them is my kidding stalls..and then they would be right back at it as soon as they were together again. They are not interested in browsing AT ALL...Too busy blubbering at the fence at the girls as well as challenging each other.

    Too bad there wasn't a way to control the hormones until you needed them :wink:
  2. We are talking Myotonics but OCR and BTR house all their bucks together until time to breed. They have close to 2000 boats between the two of them. I am not sure the number of bucks but at least 25-50 are housed together. Mind you we are talking about a 1000 acres so the bins are big but they are housed together fine.

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    I house my bucks together until breeding season. they still get housed together excpet when they are actually breeding. I then use my empty kid pen as a breeding pen. It really depends on how aggressive they get with eachother, some are fine otehrs are not.