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Multiple due dates?

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I have a doe who I witnessed being bred while she was in heat. Two weeks later, my two other does were bred. The first doe came back into heat a week later and I witnessed her being bred. Then, 5 days later, she came into heat AGAIN and the buck bred her AGAIN. I figured she didn't breed the first time and marked her down to kid mid May.
Now, we are getting closer and she appears to be two weeks closer to kidding then my 2 other does. She is bagging up, loose in the back and definitely has a larger stomach. The other two definitely appear to be further out then her.

Is it possible she was bred during two different heat cycles and will have different term kids? Would she have come back in heat even if she was bred? Has anyone seen this?

Thank you in advance.
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Is this doe older than your others?
Is this doe older than your others?
No. She is within a week of the same age.
It could be she develops her udder sooner than others. Each goat is different. If unsure I would check her earliest due date and start watching from there.
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