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Re: Rhody, Laurel and Japonica

Saltlick said:
Just curious as to what kind of muzzles you use on the trail at times. I saw the photo, is there any other kind? What seems to work well for your goats?
Take a look at the muzzles offered by Northwest Packgoats. The green one in the photo above is a muzzle I picked up from a local sheep supply store. They are simply a mesh bag with an elastic strap. I don't like that the elastic strap pulls the muzzle tight against the nose. The elastic strap would also mean that you couldn't use them on a goat with a nice set or horns. That said, I think they cost around $4 or so.

Compare to the Northwest Packgoat muzzle ... it has an adjustable buckle and if you look at the following photo, it looks like it rests compfortably with plenty of airspace around the noze.

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