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I took some pictures of my kids last week and thought I'd share. Tried to get them somewhat set up, but they weren't cooperative! Lol.

This is Rockin Lazy G Peek-A-Boo. She is one of my favorites, but as you can tell is currently in a growth spurt!

This is Rockin Lazy G Bitsy. She is a smaller doe kid, out of a set of quads. Her full sister did pretty well in the show ring as a kid last year.

This is Rockin Lazy G Cha Cha Slide. Another favorite of mine this year.

This is Rockin Lazy G Miss Sassy Pants. A very sweet and loving girl.

This is Rockin Lazy G She'sSoGraceful. Not a very good photo of her as she kept trying to get back in her pen.

This is Rockin Lazy G Luna. I will admit my main reason for keeping her is her spots. I have always wanted black and white spots!

This is Rockin Lazy G Peaceful Destiny. One of my favorite looking girls.

This is Rockin Lazy G Midnight Star. I love that she is all black! Even those ears :)

This is Rockin Lazy G Peaceful Delilah. She was dam raised and wanted back in her pen real bad.

This is My-Enchanted-Acres Sierra Mist. Really like the way this girl is looking!

Not a good photo, but this is Rockin Lazy G He's A ManOnFire. My favorite buck kid I retained this year.

And finally is My-Enchanted-Acres JrneyNTime. Really like this boy. He is super spoiled and just wanted to play!

Well, just wanted to share my kids with you all! I am very excited with this kid crop... These are actually the first kids I have kept since starting out with goats.

Anyways, hope you enjoy seeing them :)


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