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Hi everybody,

Well we just finished our first appraisals here, and I am thrilled at the results. We had Betty Henning as our appraiser and she was wonderful and very helpful. Betty said that my foundation animals are really nice and that I did a good job with choosing. I did better than I thought I would.


Lost Spring Kool Aid (4 years) VG87 +VVV
Lost Spring Caramel (3 years) EX90 VEVE (that was surprising)
J-Haven's WP Starry Haze (yrlg) GP 82+AV+ (she thought another freshening would do her wonders, and probably give her an E mammary)
Sandy Lane CSF Gertrude (yrlg, my first homebred) VG 88VVEV (she really liked Gertie, she said not many yearlings appraise that high)
Sandy Lane CSF Matilda (yrlg) GP 82++V+
J-Haven's Raven Beauty could not be appraised because she was out of condition and The KLR Kory could not be appraised because of tattoo error

LaMancha YSA
Fir Meadow Tobv Yogi VEcEc, overall Ec (she loved Yogi)
Sandy Lane CSF Mildred (yrlg) V+V, overall V
Sandy Lane K Isabel, V+V, overall V
Sandy Lane K Red's Ruby, V+V, overall V

*B Hazelridge-Farm Angela's Ecudo (4 years) VG 87+EE (haha, same score as his sire!)
GCH Singing-Spruce WHK Symphony 9*M (4 years, dry) EX 90EEEV (very surprising, her breeder was happy about the score too)
Spoon-River Muriel (2 years) VG 85+EE+
Spoon-River Miss Joni (2 years) GP 83+VV+
Singing-Spruce SEQ Sirianne (yrlg) GP 84V+++ (she said she just needed another year)

Oberhasli YSA
*B Haycreeks Showtime Silus, VEcEc, overall V
Singing-Spruce SEQ Sophia, VVV, overall V
Sandy Lane M Mia, VVV, overall V (she said she looked like cardboard, meaning she was nice from the side but didn't have it put together from the front and back)
Sandy Lane E Jane Doe, +VV, overall +

Saanens (they are for sale, btw)
Singing-Spruce Gold Valerie (2 years, milking through) VG 86+EE+ (she said she wasn't stale at all)

Sandy Lane SSP Violet, VVEc, overall V
Sandy Lane SSP Victoria VVEc, overall V

Thanks for letting me share! I'm so happy :stars: :leap: :sun: :dance: :clap: :cool: :shades:

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In my excitement I forgot my 2 precious Recorded Grades!

Lost Spring Gabriella (4 years) VG 87+EEV
Lost Spring SS Tuscon (4 years) VG 89VEVV

The queen(Tuscon, aka Molly) was the first goat to be done, since the first took so long she just stood there chewing her cud and posing for Betty :D

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Thanks guys!! I have the LaMancha results typed up for anybody to look at:

And I just found out that the dam of my new LaMancha herdsire, Yogi, just appraised 89VEEV!! Kat said the appraiser wanted to give her a 90 but since she's a FF she could only give an 89. His grandsire appraised 91EEE!!!!
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