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Here On Oaks-n-Goats Farm We Are Raising Pets, And Mini/Full Sized Backyard Milkers.
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So, my waiting list. The people who are on there want babies at 4 days old. Boys and girls. We plan on keeping a couple doelings and one buckling. One person who got two goats from us back in July wants maybe 3-4...and another lady wants as many as she can get! She wants a couple bucks and a few doe's. And another lady wants 3-4 does. Watch my girls only give me boys 馃槅. These people dont understand how unlikely it is that they will have that many doelings....I only have 7 doe's bred!!! IF the girls have the babies these people want, and I dont keep any. Im gonna have my hands full milking lol

All 3 of these people are wanting babies from my girl Sparrow....we will see how this works out lol.... It would be great of she gave me 3 girls!!!! Imagine she give me 3 doelings... It'd be greattttttt!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts