My boy has something going on with his skin...

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    Jan 17, 2017
    Hello, I have researched the crap out of this and have come up confused and with even less of an idea what to do about it. He is approx 9 months old, whethered boer/toggenburg cross. He had a few ticks in this area that had forms a scabby pustule bump like thing which I was able to pull off. He now has this rash (?) on his neck and I can feel bumps where it is spreading. The poor guy is SUPER itchy. I tried to clip him but horse trimmers on goat fur apparently is a no-no. The photos are from a couple days ago it has continued to spread and the lesions have become much more brown in appearance. Time frame for all of this was within the last 4 weeks.

    I have a doe who came down with this mysterious illness of goat polio/listeria/brain worm, since they are so hard to tell apart I treated for all with high doses of safe guard for 6 days, thiamine tapering regimen, and dura-pen, plus a shot of ivermectin. She also had itchy lesions, but was displaying different symptoms... but she is also 5 years older than him.

    I haven't tried treating my little guy, who's name is Tom Brady by the way (that's what happens when I let my brother name one), but I call him Nudge Budge. He has been regularly dewormed with rumatel. No signs of any living creatures on him mites, lice or otherwise. We are located in NH so the weather has been cold enough to kill off many parasites. I will post updated photos. Thank you for any advice!

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    I am dealing with a goat who has a fungal infection. She has scratched herself bald. Now I am trying some stuff called M-T-G. It was with the horse skin supplies at Tractor Supply. It has helped tremendously with the itching and helped the hair grow back. It is supposed to be good for a variety of different skin conditions.

    It is oily and has sulfur in it. I wear disposable gloves because you have to shake it up and apply with a cloth or cotton or something. You can't spray it.

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    Yep, try MTG or NuStock
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    P.S. mites cannot be seen with the naked eye (lice, yes, mites, no) so only a skin scraping could ID if that were the issue but this doesn't look like typical mites.
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    My Great Pyrenees has the exact same skin issue. It starts after I find a tick in that area. Come to find out, she is allergic to tick bites. They inject a chemical into the skin to keep the blood from coagulating and this sets off an allergic reaction in my poor girl. I put her on daily allergy medication and keep the skin dusted with Gold Bond powder to cool the itch. It's the only stuff she won't lick off.
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    In addition to the MTG or NUSTOCK, you could give Benedryl. Give the children's dose. It is an antihistamine and may help with the itching etc.
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    All great advice.

    You can also get your vet involved to maybe direct you on this, if it doesn't clear up.