My buck is not too smart

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    As many of you know, I got an Alpine buck last July. His name is Ironman, he is very sweet, and its a little over 6 months old. He is growing wonderfully and weighs maybe 65 to 80 guesstimated [I am not good at guessing weights, so I could be way off]. We have three Alpine does, but 6 month old Heidi seems stunted and only weighs maybe 40-50 and is very short, she won't even be large enough to breed late December, so we will certainly be waiting till next year, although she is already coming in to heat right now. Our other two does are full grown. Our buck is already in rut and stinks, we put his companion wether, who is a little smaller than him in there, a couple weks ago and Ironman chased him around making funky buck noises and tried to breed him. Well I removed the wether and put my two does in there a couple days ago. Hannah, who is a smaller, calmer doe, is in heat, and he doesn't really care much about her at all. Breeze is larger and more ''crazy'', when we put her in there at first she tried to kill him, so we removed her for a night and put her back in there yesterday morning, and she has stopped that. Now she is heat, and he does show interest in her but not a huge amount. He tried to mount her once today and has done some funky noises but that is it. He cares more about me, the trees, the hay, the cats, the chickens, and so on and so forth. Is he too young? I really dought that as my 6 week old kids were already trying to breed each other. Is it just lack of experience? We wanted earlier kids this year but if we have to wait that will be fine. I have been watching them alot but not 24/7 of course so is there a way to see if he has bred them? Any cheeeeeeeep preggo tests? Any advice or help would be appreciated. He is such a sweet little man. Pics will come, eventually.
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    He will do fine. I would not worry about them trying to beat each other up. The does will tell them to "back off" if they are not ready, and they will invite them when they are.
    When I put my boys and girls together, they do the chase thing for some time, then they finally decide to just get along. Some times it might take a few hours and others it might be less. If you want them bred just leave them and let the "duke" it out and they will be fine unless you are wanting a exact date then do a hand breeding, i just wish I had that much time to do it. I can usually tell about when they are bred, because like now I have a friends doe at my place. They had no interest in each other for a couple weeks, well last week he started the whole bucky thing with her, so I new that she was coming into heat.

    Good luck.

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    Nov 26, 2007
    My guess is he is a bit immature and very few males are cassanova on their first experience. :)
    If he doesn't get the job done this month, I bet he will next month.
    Just because kids mount each other doesn't mean they are trying to breed. It is just a dominance game they play.

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    6 months old is not to young by any means..................sometimes the older does still see the young bucks as kids and butt them away as if saying"yeah right your just a kid......but as they are in heat they usually stand for him..........and the young wiper snaper might not have alot of bucky attract the does...............he is young ,if he has no interest at all I would say infertile problems,, but other then that he will catch on assured ..