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My chicken has a leg problem! Please help!!!

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I have a 7 month old pullet that limps on her leg. I don't think it's broken because she started to feel very sick. she is hunched over and doesn't want to move. Before her toes weren't curled up but now they are. I think at one point when our rabbit was loose it bit her leg which
Caused an infection. our rabbit likes to do that.
The question is, will I be able to save her and if so how?
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You would need to give her antibiotics but I'm not sure which one.
Maybe you could wrap her leg and toes? I had chickens for only a few years. I saved one from respiratory issues with vetrx but that's about all I know
I would use LA200 in her water or injected to treat for infection, also worm her, there could be the cause of her hunched appearance..I also like to give a nice heavy dose of Cayenne pepper to perk her up and help with any worm load
I would use Tylan 200 ...1/2 cc orally twice a day for 5 days. I use Ivomec 1% for deworming. 1/4 cc orally for standards. Repeat in 10 days. Egg withdrawal is 10 days from the last dose.
Or you can do 6 cc per gallon of water x 2 days. I prefer individual treatment however, since you don't know exactly how much they get when drinking.
If you use Valbazen for deworming it is 1/2 cc orally. Repeat ten days. Same egg withdrawal.
Could be an injury, or it could be a disease (there are a few diseases which cause lameness).
Here's a link someone shared with me the other day. I found it extremely helpful. There are descriptions of the diseases, and at the bottom is a chart of symptoms and diseases.
I hope you can get her feeling better soon!
Thanks I will definetally go on that link!
Aww, so sorry :hug: Sometimes it is so hard because poultry tends to not show illness until it is too late to treat. You did what you could :(
Thanks you everyone for the support anyways!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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