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Discussion in 'Photogenic' started by RPC, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Well since I moved up to my moms house this past fall, she never had a pen out in the field. So since I was off today and it was warm out I put one up and the goats love it out there. Now all I need is a shelter and then I wont worry about them getting too hot this summer. They just need a shaded area to get out from the sun. I will still bring them in every night to keep them safe from the cyotes. I made the pen 48'x48' square, I thought it would be plenty big enough for them to eat off but now I dont know, they mowed it off pretty good today. We will see how it goes. I think when I wean them, the moms will be going to my dads for the summer he has 6 acers fenced in so they will have plenty to eat.

    From left to right in the picture is Tank and Joey the twins from January. Then Joy is in front she is from Febuary, behind her is Ruby(the boys mom) then Faith (joys mom)
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    Nice! Theres always something to fill a "day off", eapecially when it's nice out!

    Shelter from the sun is simple enough...take one of those stock panels and bend it into an upside down "U" anchor it with a couple t-posts and put a tarp over it. Simple and easily moved.

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    I was thinking about that. Guess I will have to get another panel.
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    Looks great!! I bet they're happy now :thumb:
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    There's a thread in Barnyard Bonanza showing how to make one of those houses. Looks great! :thumbup:
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    Great job.... :greengrin: :thumb: