my dear sweet little girl of 7 years

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    I lost my little girl I named Ellymae back on november 23rd 2008.she was my baby that i saw being born from my other baby Honeysuckle.she had her june-14-2001 and died i had to raise ellymae as a orphon .the vet is pretty sure that she died from a lung abcess.she was fine the previous day except by being a little cling by wanting to be my be at all times. i feed all my animals then about 4 hours later she passed on.i miss her still to this day so terribly that it still fees like a knife in the heart.i also had to put her daddy down last summer because he got really bad arthris in his legs .so that was the best i could do for him to to relieve his suffering.i tried for a week and half to get his legs back by massaging them putting a heater in barn. getting him up so he would stand for a little as long as he could but in the end i made the choice to end his suffering. i miss them both terribly and will post pictures of them when my twin can help me with it. By The Way They Were Suffolk Sheep

    :angel: Rest In Peace :angel:

    Ellymae June-14-2001 to November-23-2008

    Jethro January-16-1999 to June-25-2008

    I Miss You Both Dearly Every night I Feed The Animals And Don't See You Greet Me At The Gate
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    I am so sorry you lost your sheep.. I feel your is never easy ..... :hug:

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    I'm so sorry for your loss :hug:
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    Sorry for the loss of your sheep. :hug: The things we remember most about them, earn the special place in our hearts.