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my doe is not feeling well

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My second freshener Nubian is in heat right now but I do not want to breed her this cycle- trying to get some weight built up on her first. Current on deworming, pink membranes- just milking heavy<--Just some history.

Anyhow -She started acting sick yesterday morning. She temped 102.7 but would not eat anything and had very very (I am talking watery) stool. I gave her a double dose of probiotics, forced her some baking soda and gave her 10 cc b complex sq. Last night at milking she was not any better. Off feed, shivering, milk production way down. Probiotics and electrolytes in her water and gave her 5 cc of C+D antitoxin. This morning she is not better. Milk down further, off feed, hunched up, shivering, but she was chewing cud.
Husband did chores for me on Saturday morning because I had to be gone before 6 am and do not milk until 9. He REALLY LIKES TO FEED ANIMALS, but said he did not over feed them. She is not usually too much of a hog but it has been so cold that they don't go out of the barn much to browse the last week. Stools are clumpy this morning, but not berries. Mucas coming from the back end-not sure if that is becasue she is in heat or from her stools- it is pretty dirty back there. I would go wash it off but it is currently -1 here so a goat bath would not be fun for anyone involved. Looking for advice please. thanks
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Good job on gettingthings going on her!!
Keep up with the C D Antitoxin every 6 hours...Daily probios and B feed until she is doing 100% better..Hay graze and leaves only...Her milk may come back up when she is feeling better and back on feed...

if her poo is green tinted, could be dietary, dark brown to black could be worm load...

Have a fecal done to rule out worms
I would also give her warm Molasses water to give her a little energy.

I would also do some B Complex.
I agree
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