My Exciting Weekend

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    Sep 10, 2008
    This weekend I stayed with my friend for the whole time. We were going to go to a 4WD competition but then the family couldnt be bothered so we decided to stay at their house for one night, then go to their holiday house in mudgee the next night.
    So the first day was awesome because they live in a posh country area. They have 2 goats and an old evil sheep called wendy. so when i first got there i spent half an hour outside running around with them. I went crazyyyy and was cracking up at the sheep because it stuck its tongue out when it baaed. And whenever you ran away from their wether, snowy, he got all angry and started running after you. So we ranm up and down the hil for ages then he got really frustrated so he started rearing and it was so cute... and then he was just rubbing his head of my jeans for ages.
    and thennn!! We went inside and watched movies all night. We watched The confessions of a Teenage drama queen, Thunderstruck and The exorcism of Emily Rose. Thunderstruck was awesome because it was about AC/DC and woo. And the exorcism was scary and awesome

    Weeell the next day we left to go to Mudgee and we stopped off in Wollengong to pick up and old truck for the farm. And when we were like 32kms out of mudgee the stupid truck broke down. So we went into town and looked for the little part that had blown off and we spent hours going around and we ended up getting a friend up to hel fix, which took three hours. then they didnt fix it!! Soo we got a tow truck the next morning. On the way back to the house me and jess got happy because we were sick of the car. Then she saw a fox and she yelled FOX!! and I thought she said the f word and i screamed coz i thought she saw a dead body or something!! then i went hysterical :slapfloor:
    Oh i missed a bit... Before wed got the friend up to help fix it, we stopped in a carpark to try and get some sleep while we waited. Me and jess were looking out the window and we saw these lights moving and at first i thought it was a plane but then it just darted off and we realised that we just saw a UFO....rofl!!!

    Then we woke up the next day and we went out and got the truck towed so we went to the holiday house again and we decided to go to the dam for a swim. I didnt really wanna go because it was cold and windy but i went anyway incase the water was warm. So I ran to the other side of the dam with jess and then all of a sudden she screamms SNAKE! And I look down and i see this big fat snake just looking at us and i had a panic attack and i ran as fast as i could with non-grippy shoes and slippery rocks. I was hyperventilating and going crazy lol then we drove off and we and jess were sitting in the tray at the back of the car and bouncing around...

    So we went to go visit one of the old gold mines and me jess her little sister and her dad went in and walked, her little sister went back and it was so funny.. there was a tiny little bird like a swallow or something and it was upset because it had a nest there so it was trying to swoop her dad and he was freaking out it was so funny. Then we go to the end and there was these old sheep and kangaroo bones lol.. then on the way out bats were swooping all aound us so i had to look down and i couldnt see bones :tears: lol Jss said they were little chinamen but the bones were too small.

    anyway.. we ended up leaving and just before we got to town jess' mum noticed a sheep was stuck on a hill. (Sheep are silly and if they lie down with their back facing the back of the hill, they get stuckk) So we pulled over and me and jess ran up to help it. Now this is the really sad part.
    We got up to it and i was about to push it over when i realised it had a lambs head coming out. but it was try and it didnt look alive. Then my heart dropped. I realised the babys head was out, not its feet. And obviously, the sheep couldnt push it out and it was exausted.. down the hill they were telling us to try and pull it but i was nearly crying i was so scared (yes i know, im a wimp) But i was so scared of what to do. I grew up in the suburbs so i have never had to help anything give birth before. we decided to just roll it over, it got up and started walking away but then it stopped and tried to push again. no luck, so it just limped away to the herd and we drove the the house and no-one was home. so we drove off and me and jess tried t get our minds off it so we got out her iPod and we started singing stuff and replacing the end words with "Deer" or "Goat" or "Fox" and it was reallt funy. We did "Low" with deer, TNT with goat and some other ACDC song for fox.

    blah blah blah we got home and i ran out to snowy even though it was dark. and then her big fat cat walked u and te goats were freaking out over it and butting him and he didnt eve care it was funny.

    then i went inside and jess got out her new guitar which is AWESOME and i played her old one. She tried to teach me sweet home alabama but im too unco. So she taught me Hard as a Rock by ACDC and i got it!!

    So yeh then I went home

    Im pretty sure i left out HEAPS of funny things but yeah..
    I will post some photos of the goats Snowy and Mixer tomorrow so you can tell me what breeds they are lol
    Well im going its getting late and im going horse ridin tomorrow :horse: woo!
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    Sep 20, 2008
    Oh to be young again. lol

    Sounds like you had a really good time. :shades:

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Sounds like you had a very eventful weekend. I sure hope the lamb and the ewe are doing better!