My first disbudding and a question

Discussion in 'Beginners Goat Raising' started by Milch&Miel, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Milch&Miel

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    Apr 1, 2010
    I did my first disbudding today, on my sweet baby girl. I've watched it done, i've read and read, practiced on wood, but I was still terrified.
    I was trying to be super careful to not hold it on too long, but to get a good ring all the way around. I didn't expect it to feel so slippery. Does that make sense? It made me think of holding a hot knife to butter, and I was scared of it slipping and hitting her eye or something.
    Anyhow, I got the rings copper all the way around, but I am nervous that after all of that, she will still end up with scurs. I've heard that you can re-do burn, and as loathe as I am to do that to her again, I would rather she didn't go through it to end up with scurs. So, my question(s), how can you tell if you need to reburn and how much time can pass between doing it?
    When the first little guy we had here was disbudded, I thought for sure that the lady had done it right. The copper rings looked perfect, alas, he looks like he is going to be scurred worse than the other little whether we got from the same person. Only too late did I read that it's somewhat common to re-burn bucklings to make sure they don't scur,though for several reasons, I think that little guy just has so much testosterone there was going to be no way around it.
    Anyhow, if you know, please share.
    She seems to be doing fine, and she even let me pick her up this evening without screaming her little head off.
  2. K-Ro

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    Oct 13, 2007
    Just watch her and check daily for any regrowth.

    It is much harder to disbud bucklings than doelings. Girls are much easier to do and I have actually never had a scur with one of the girls, but I have them almost every time with the boys. So chances are, if you got a good copper ring, you wont' have to redo her.

  3. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    Wish I could help...but I don't disbud.... :hug:

    How is she doing?
  4. Milch&Miel

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    Apr 1, 2010
    She was great pretty much immediately. When I had watched disbudding before, the poor littl guy seemed really shaken up for a long time after. Little girl seemed fine as soon as I took her out of the box. I gave her some love really quick, took her over to Mam so she could nurse. She took a little sip, then she went to playing. I've been checking on her more frequently just in case, but she's is as chipper as ever, and she doesn't even seem mad at me.
    I did give her the herbal OWe-Eez from Molly's herbals, about a half hour before we did it. I don't if that is why she seems so fine right away, if that's just her personality, or what. Either way, I am really glad she's just as happy and playful as ever.