My friend Karen Kordis.

Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by Crissa, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Crissa

    Crissa New Member

    Oct 7, 2007
    Cashion, Oklahoma
    Karen was the lady who helped me move my horse to her sons place and she was going to help me get into barrel racing. Friday night she had a heart attack and died. I'm still in shock over it. I've never even been to a funeral before. Please pray for her family.
  2. kelebek

    kelebek New Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    South Texas
    oh hunny - I am so sorry for your loss :hug:

  3. StaceyRosado

    StaceyRosado Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Oct 4, 2007
    oh wow thats heartbreaking in every sense of the word -- :hug:

    I'll be honest, I dont like funerals nor do I know what to do at them so you have my sympathy there
  4. Amos

    Amos New Member

    Oct 2, 2008
    I'm so sorry Crissa :hug:

    I hate funerals, I've been to 5, and absolutly hate them.. I usually make up ever possible not to go to them.
  5. Coraxfeather

    Coraxfeather New Member

    Oct 8, 2008
    Slippery ROckPA
    I am so sorry hun. I have been to many inmy time. *huggles*
  6. KW Farms

    KW Farms Moderator Supporting Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    Wapato, WA
    Oh gosh, i'm so sorry. :hug: Will send prayers for their family and for you! :hug:
  7. Amy Goatress

    Amy Goatress New Member

    Oct 1, 2008
    So sorry Chrissa, I have been to many funerals in my lifetime but it is part of my Mom's job too since she is a pastor. No one likes funerals. :hug:
  8. FarmGirl18

    FarmGirl18 New Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    I'm so sorry Crissa....I don't think anybody likes funerals, especially if it's an immediate family member or someone you are really close too....believe me I know. :(
  9. sweetgoats

    sweetgoats Moderator

    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
    Oh Crissa,
    I am so sorry to hear the news. The good thing is if she new the Lord she is now with him and in a much better place then all the rest of us.

    I have gone to so many funerals that I have gotten use tho the idea that I am going to it for the family and to let them know how much their love one affected me and how much they will truly be missed.

    I really do believe that the family is the ones that need the people there.

    Hugs to you and the people that lost a wonderful person. I do remember you saying a bit about her and she had a true kind heart.
  10. Laurel_Haven

    Laurel_Haven New Member

    Oct 19, 2007
    South Carolina
    Crissa I am so sorry you lost your friend... :hug:
  11. MissMM

    MissMM New Member

    Oct 22, 2007
    McGregor, MN
    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this Crissa...... my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Yes, funerals are very difficult. I've been to more than my share over the years. The one thing I would ask you to keep in mind is that just showing up for the funeral (and in your "Sunday best attire") shows your respect to the one that has passed. It is very important to the surviving family members (wether they acknowledge it or not) to see people other than family members that cared about their loved one enough to show up and pay their final respects.

    On another note - coming from someone who's endured funerals for a parent, grandparent, cousin, friend, you name it...... a sympathy card with a short note about how you knew the person and the fond memories you have of them will help that family more than you can imagine.

    Let go and let God... that's as preachy as I get. :pray:
  12. Shelly

    Shelly New Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    My sympathies to you and her family. Shelly
  13. toth boer goats

    toth boer goats Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    I am so sorry.. for your loss....that is very heartbreaking.... :hug:
    I hope you are OK..... :hug:
  14. Crissa

    Crissa New Member

    Oct 7, 2007
    Cashion, Oklahoma
    Thanks everyone. This is the first time someone I've known has died, other than my great grandma. (I didn't know my great grandma really though just met her twice she lived in Florida) I'm still not quite "accepting" it. I keep forgetting that she's gone. Her son is having a very rough time dealing with it.
  15. liz

    liz Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    Crissa, I am so sorry for your loss, my thots and prayers go out to you and her family. As everyone has said, and I agree, funerals are for paying respect to the lost loved one, and it helps the family to know how much their dear one will be missed. A sympathy card left in the podium box or even sent to her family would also help. Big hugs to you dear :hug:
  16. goathappy

    goathappy New Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    I'm so sorry for your loss, I'll keep you and her family in my prayers :hug: :hug: :pray:
  17. greatcashmeres

    greatcashmeres New Member

    Jul 13, 2008
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family.
  18. Crissa

    Crissa New Member

    Oct 7, 2007
    Cashion, Oklahoma
    Thank you all. The funeral is today at 2. I'm really nervous.
  19. goatnutty

    goatnutty Active Member

    Oct 9, 2007
    South East,IN
    I'm sorry, I know how you are doing the right thing by going. My cousin got hit and killed about 2-4 weeks ago when he got out of his car to help someone in an accident...I didn't go to the funeral...and I feel horrible. I just didn't know if I coud take it after losing 2 grandparents and an aunt in 6 months. I'm sorry I'm trying to steal the thread or anything...I jsut want you to know that you aren't alone. :hug:
  20. Crissa

    Crissa New Member

    Oct 7, 2007
    Cashion, Oklahoma
    I don't feel like you're trying to steal the thread! It's hard because I never got to give her a proper thank you for helping me. I'm still feeling guilty about it and thought that this way I could at least be respectful. And I'm so sorry about your family. :hug: