My girl is on day 40

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by logansmommy7, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    If she would go back into heat-would it be in the spring? I'm hoping that she has settled. She went in with the buck 40 days ago and hasn't had a heat cycle again. I realllllly have my fingers crossed for kids in May....opinions please???? Her backside looks closed up-but that doesn't really tell me anything. I have been checking out "pooch" pics and I just don't know...ooohhh I want some babies...they are registered with AGDA and in the process of registering with AGS so they will be dual registered, as will their kids. >>FINGERS CROSSED<<<
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    do you know what day she came into heat when she was with the buck? count 18-21 days from there, and think back to see is she ever showed signs of winking or discharge---or if she didn't/you don't remember, count from the day she should have come back into heat to now. you can also post a pooch pic when she's about 2-3 months along. . . .i don't think you'll really see any changes now.
    crossing fingers for babies for ya! :D