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Hello Everyone
I'm new to this site and a bit of a technophobe so please bear with me - I mean I'm not even sure if this is a post!!
am writing from Ireland and its about Marnie, my three year old Saanen Anglo Nubian Doe who is currently a harrassed mum of two little bucks.
I have eight goats altogether and they are all in good health, they live on rough browsing, hay, oats and vit powder and all have access to a lick.
Marnie got pegged out on a new spot yesterday and today she has scratches on her nose and the sides of her mouth are a bit swollen and pimply. Of course I'v spent the morning freaking out about Orf or sore mouth, but none of the others have it and Marnie is eating voraciously and doesnt seem in the least bit bothered = though she did object to the tea tree oil I swabbed on!
Anyone have any ideas? I;m wondering wether she's eaten an irritant.
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