My goat saving frantic making unexpected quads story..

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  1. Victoria

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Vernonia, Oregon
    I thought it would be fun on this waiting for Gypsy to kid week that I have been having, to share my cool story, and hope other's will do the same..

    Last spring, we had a couple few does bred and comming due soon, but as I usually do, I kept confusing Willa for Cessy and thinking Willa was due first. It was rainy and the goats can come and go as they please unless they are ready to kid, I put them in the kidding pen, also known to them as prison until they kid, then they love it!
    Well, needless to say, Willa and her fat and sassy self was hateing the kidding pen, begging to come out one morning when I went to feed, I swore Cessy wasn't due for two more weeks. Well, off in the corner, under a goatie stand (platform about two feet off the ground) and out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was a little kitten. Mind you I had just woken up hadn't even had coffee yet so I was a bit grogged. I looked again, and there was Cessy, cleaning off babies. As I rushed over to collect the little beasts to put in the warm pen, there laid a wet what I thought to be dead baby. But....her ear moved......, I sprang to action, scooped up all the babies all four babies that is! What a surprize!! Put the two dry ones in the kidding pen for my daughter to look after, and ran inside with the maybe dead baby. The other cold baby I handed to Hannah who sat by the woodstove and warmed her up.
    I headed to the bathroom sink, filled it up with very warm water and went to work at warming that baby up. It must of been seconds, maybe two or three minutes, but it seemed like days went by very very slowly....I worked and worked at getting the little thing warmed up, (Shook her upside down, careful of her fragile body).. after using the bulb syringe a few times, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing, waiting and waiting for a breath..finally I breathed into her nose..nothing, another breath...nothing...I got a needle and used the acupuncture point between the nose and top lip, poking to the bone several times, and FINALLY there was a gasp!! She was alive!! She was alive, tears ran down my cheeks, oh I was about to give up as she did live and breathe!! YES!!! I kept her in the warm water a few more minutes, (that seemed like actual minutes that time)
    She then started breathing fine, and squacked...we milked a bit of colostrom from Cessy and syringed it to her..she stayed inside till we had her going real well, then took her to her Maa, who promptly rejected her...again and again. We did keep her with her siblings alot of the time, but she honestly became our little house goat. She just loved jumping all over my house!! Off the back of the couch was her favorite!!
    She weighed 10 ounces at birth, and is still itty bitty. I found a man looking for a pet for his wife, she had another house goat, and she would get what she needed from these nice people, so I fairly gave her away to a place she could be a pet, and not be expected to grow and reproduce..
    I have pic's of her on my web site, she is on the first page in my hand...
    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!
    Hope you enjoyed my goat saving frantic making unexpected quads story...
    (Oh, Cessy had two boys, two girls..great babies all of them!!)
    Hope you share yours!
  2. keren

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Okay, here's mine.

    I was out at uni one day and the lab assistant who is also a farm assistant and looks after the uni sheep, well he knew I'd been raising poddy lambs so he said to me did I want another one? During our class, someone had brought him one from the uni sheep flock, great big lump of a ram lamb, didnt look good at all. No fight to him, nothing. Anyway, I said I'd try, so I put him on the backseat, I honestly didnt think he'd be alive when I got home. 45 min later I am home, he's still alive. I figured he wouldnt suck at all, he was so weak, so I'm getting the tuber out and he starts sucking on my neck. So I got a bottle and he sucked it right down strongly. First two nights he was in the house, but he was three times the size of a normal lamb (and I know he was newborn, he was still wet) so he didnt fit real well in my lamb boxes, so I made him a snuggly little pen and bed in our wood shed.

    Went out in the morning to check on him, he'd climbed up on the wood pile, and was laying there not moving, not responding when I called him. A piece of wood was across his neck. I thought oh, he's broken his neck. I climbed in, pulled the piece of wood off, nope not a broken neck it just trapped him there and he got too cold away from the straw bed. I pulled him out, he was cold, stiff and a dead weight. Completely dead. I was disgusted with myself even though he should have been fine outside. Well I picked him up by the back leg, and tossed him over the fence figuring I'd go in and have breakfast and get rid of the body after. Well, when he landed on the other side of the fence, he wiggled just a little. I jumped over, held a hand on his chest, and I could feel the faintest, faintest heartbeat. Before I could feel none.

    I stuffed him in my jumped, rubbing him all the time, ran inside. I knew my bed was still warm because I'd only just got out of bed and switched the electric blanket off. So I switched it back on and bundled him up in my bed, wrapped in the doonas. He was breathing well by now but still completely stiff and comatose.

    I got out the Bundy rum (mum had drunk all the lamb brandy), he had no swallow even when I put it at the back of his throat, so I tubed 5 ml of brandy and 10 ml glycerine into his stomach, then set up hot water bottles in front of an electric heater, transferred him there all wrapped up in rugs. Now it was time to wait.

    2 hrs later he was rolling drunk. I should say swaying drunk because he got on his sternum then just swayed back and forth for about half an hour. He took 50 ml warm milk then went to sleep again.

    2 hrs later I raced back into the kitchen because I heard BAAAAA! And he was walking around the kitchen looking for food!

  3. Victoria

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Vernonia, Oregon
    Awesome!! That is a cool story! How's the little guy now??
  4. keren

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Oh he's huge and having fun mating the does
  5. keren

    keren owned by goats

    Oct 26, 2008
    um ... oops ... ewes
  6. BeeLady

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    Great stories -- enjoyed 'em both!
  7. Dreamchaser

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    Oct 29, 2008
    Camp Verde, AZ
    Aww Victoria, that little buckling is so adorable with the white heart on his forehead. So sweet!

    And that is such a cute story about the drunk goat. I laughed so hard at that!
  8. goatkid

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    Jan 17, 2009
    One morning a few years ago, I went out to feed my goats and was surprized to find one of them had kidded. She was hand bred and wasn't due for 10 days. She had triplets and none were moving. The two little bucklings were dead, but the tiny doeling let out a small maa when I rubbed her. She was too weak to nurse, so I brought her to my friend along with mom's colostrum. She tubed the baby for me and I got her a shot of dex from the vet to help develop her lungs. By her next feeding she was able to nurse.
    A couple years later, I stopped by my friend's place after work. It was raining out and she wasn't home, so I checked over her goats. One of her Boers had kidded, but only had one baby with her. I looked around and found another kid which appeared to be dead. She was cold and wet. I picked her up and started rubbing her. She cried, so I took her in the house and put her in some warm water. By the time my friend came home, she was warmed and able to eat. That was one lucky little doeling that I happened to stop by that day and found her.
  9. capriola-nd

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    Jul 6, 2008
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    This is interesting. . . . I don't really have any good ones. Seems like most of our babies are born just fine and if not, I'm usually not even there! My aunt saved a little doe kid born last year. She was pretty weak and she tube-fed her.

    About a week after Cordelia kidded in December, I came out to feed and she was looking lethargic and would not eat. So, I freaked out, naturally. Well, kept as calm as I could about it but still freaking out. . . . Took her temp and it was LOW! Yikes! Before that, I had never dealt with a low temp. Remembered reading that low temps mean the rumen is shutting down. So, I shoveled baking soda into her, (boy did she hate me!!) Gave her some probiotics, Nutri-Drench, Vit. B, and a Keto-Plus paste gel for some energy. I had to leave after that and was worried sick the whole morning while gone. I prayed and prayed, "please just let her be ok when I get home!!" :pray: When I came home a little after noon, she was nibbling at hay!!! Yippeee!!!!!!! I gave her some more Vit. B later the same day. That night she ate her grain and then next morning all was well! She screamed for her food and ate every bit of it. :D
  10. KW Farms

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Wapato, WA
    Wow, these are all really neat stories guys. I've got a kinda neat one....

    So I had probably 3 pygmy does that were bred for March kids last year. Well, two had already kidded, on there own and very easily, all kids lived. So anywho, I was feeling really good about kidding season and expecting the next doe to kid real easily. Nope. I checked the doe's ligs, udder, etc. the day before and it looked like she would have another week or two to go (didn't see when they got bred) so didnt' think much about it.

    Well, the next morning I go out to feed and oh crap....she kidded that early morning! I went out at about 7 am, she must have kidded at about 4 am. She had triplets, two of the kids were cold and defintely dead, at this point it was kind of dark out and the doe kidded in a bunch of shavings so the third little kid was hard to see, she was curled up with shavings all around and on top of her. The only reason I found her is cause she let out just a itty bitty peep. A little light agouti doeling. At this point it was apparent the mother had a very rough birth and it was her first kidding. She was just curled up in the corner by herself, not touching the babies, and she just looked exhausted. Ok, so back to the kid...I picked her up and she had barely been licked off, she had lots of dried "goop" all over her and was freezing cold. So ran up to the house just started rubbing her real good while we got a blow dryer, starting rubbing and blow drying her. She wasn't trying to stand or anything, just laying there. Her tongue and mouth were even cold so I really didn't even think she'd make it.

    Well about 10 minutes later she started to cry good and hard and with my help was able to stand. Kept on rubbing and blow drying her and sure enough within another 20 minutes she was standing and walking, very wobbly, but standing and was trying to suck on my legs as I sat there with her. So we got her a bottle and she drank it real well.

    So sure enough a year later we still have that little doeling...named her Precious. She'll never be bred or anything, and i'll keep her forever as a special pet. How she managed to survive without her mom even licking her off beats me. She was the smallest of the three too.

    Here's a pic of her just hours after we got her up and walking...
  11. Victoria

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Vernonia, Oregon
    Precious is a perfect name!! What a story!! They are all great!!
    BTW I am still waiting for Gypsy to kid!!
  12. Dreamchaser

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    Oct 29, 2008
    Camp Verde, AZ
    Aww! I love reading all these stories! *begs for more*
  13. Victoria

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Vernonia, Oregon
    Okay, here's another.
    I traded a goat for my first registered Nigerian a few years ago, I had no idea the girl I got her from was such a..loser is putting it nicely..anyways so I get this goat, she is told to be bred to her pygmy buck, or maybe the nigerian she wasn't sure..So her due date comes and goes, and we are carefully watching her, so at about nine pm one night she is in labor, mind you we live 45 minutes from my work which is the rushing anyone to the vet just does not happen. So three hours later, poor Willa has been pushing and going at it for a half hour or so, I have done every thing I can and then some. She had produced a bit of a bubble and I thought I could see huge hooves. So I had to take a break, I am going crazy, been at it with this goat three long hours. I set the timer for fifteen minutes, and went inside. Came back out and no progress. I am thinking, she is so tired, we are gonna have to load her up in the truck and take her to Doc Jule for a cection. So I am kind of frantic..I get this way with my own animals, not so much the dogs when whelping, but my goats I get frantic. So I said to her you have to push Willa..and I gave her two very hard wacks on her butt. Yes I spanked her....hard....I know it sounds mean but I just did it and BBBBAAAAAAAAAAAA she screamed and pushed out the head!! OMgosh a gihugic head!! Well, she gave up again, so yes, I gave her one more swat on the butt, and BBBAAAAAAAAAA out comes the hugest baby goat ever born on my property....
    I hated to do it, and felt terrible after, but once the baby was out, she hopped up and went to work cleaning him and taking awesome care of him....and once we got a good look at him, that Alpine buck that girl had was most surely the sire...
    Poor Willa!!! She finally forgave me, although I still have a tinge of guilt for spanking her.
    So there's my other story, please don't be mad at me for spanking my goat...
  14. lesserweevil

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    Oct 5, 2007
    :ROFL: well that's one way of making an animal give birth! I just got a hilarious mental image of a human lying there desperately trying to give birth and the doctor going WHACK "PUSH YOU STUPID WOMAAAANNNN!!!"

    :ROFL: *giggles hysterically*
  15. cdtrum

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Northern Indiana
    Love reading these great heartwarming stories! You guys could write a book!
  16. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    Wonderful stories!!!!

    I have so many from my own girls but I will tell this one instead about my Angels mommy.

    My friend has 2 pygmy/nigi does that we tried twice to breed with my pygmy buck Hank...1st time, I think the girls were too nervous being away from home so we tried a year later and Hank went to "visit" them...5 miles away.

    Anyhow, Cookie, Angels aunt delivered first.....2 doelings and a buckling, the call I got at 11:30 that nite was something else! My friend was so excited and scared as this was her first experience with a birth...she told me "twins...then I heard her hubby holler and she hung up on me! I took off in my pj's to her house and she was crying and laughing at the same time...that third baby was just so teeny and she thot Cookie was done after the twins, her son was not good with the births at all...he was turning all shades of green and , her daughter was right in the mess of things, wiping faces and dipping cords, so it was a family experience! All was well babies nursed and Cookies sister Daisy was next in line!

    An exact week later, DH and I were celebrating our 9th anniversary by watching our wedding video and the phone was Kathy telling me that she was at her daughters softball game and her son was home with the "kids"....and that he called and said that Daisy was acting "funny", she wasn't out browsing with the new mommy and babies, she was in their house being miserable looking. I told her that I would go and check on her.......this was exactly 3 weeks and 3 days to the day I lost my Dolly and her babies.
    When I pulled in her driveway, I saw her son literally flying thru the air to get me! His feet never touched the ground! I got to Daisy as she started to push...and push and push...The whole time I was thinking " my goodness, this baby is so big!" I was able to use my finger around the head and Daisy to sort of stretch her over the kids head....and then out came this awful looking yellow ick covered doeling, mind you now that the kid that was gagging and green a week before was right there with me, handing me towels to wipe the kids face and not once did he wretch! Got this baby's face cleand and mom went to town cleaning her the rest of the way.....this was my Angel, and she still had her hind hooves inside her momma when Kathy got home....totally amazed at the stark and bright white of this little girl. Daisy was pushing again and out came a buckling as black as his daddy! Alot easier too....both kids were the same size, just bigger than average twins. Needless to say, I wasn't "looking" for another goatie when my Dolly passed, but the following day when I stopped to see those babies, Kathy told me that it was a sign....and what will I name her, We both said Angel at the same time! I am still in amazement that a solid black buck and a gold and white doe could produce such a beautiful little goat with the sweetest personality. Even though Angels mom had a hard time feeding her babies at first, her udder was so badly attached that it was a "cantalope in a sock", those babies thrived and Angels brother "Tank" is the spitting image of his daddy's ALWAYS a wonderful and hopeful thing when something goes perfectly wonderful after such a tragedy as my loss with my Dolly. All kids have wonderful pet homes....and since Angel came to me, each of her siblings went to homes together, her full brother went with the black doeling born the week before he was, and the buckling and remaining doeling went to Kathy's niece...of course I banded the boys, but they are all well and happy....but I do have to say that Angel is our pride and joy!
  17. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
    near Seattle
    That WAS pretty funny Victoria! Maybe you have discovered a new technique :ROFL:

    Mine was just earlier this week....Nubie The Blimp gettin ready to go. 3 simple breech. #4 was stuck in the normal position. Reached in his head was flopped backwards. Got him out was deader than a doornail but the other 3 were fine.
    The next moning I noticed the others shivering. Continued with chores; big mistake. By the time I had checked on them again one was down. Grabbed her ran into house while frantically slapping her around. When I massage babies (have never had one this gone) I am quite vigorous trying to get them going.
    Put her in a garbage bag and submerged her body in a large bucket of real warm water. I dont know how long it seemed forever.
    Pulled her out dropped her on the floor maybe about 6inches andused the hair dryer, flipping & slapping crying & praying & she finally sort of came out of it but her outh was still cold.
    Towels heated in the dryer while I found the heating pad, rubbed her good with hot towels, changing them out as soon as they cooled off. Put her in a box w/pad and ran out to get her brother. Did the same but he didnt make it.
    Half the quads my negligence, for not acting the minute I noticed unthriftyness.
    Meantime Grace (formerly The Blimp) is walking away from the one girl still in her care. I brought her into the house to keep sissy company. Sissy still not out of woods at one point her temp was extremely low..think it was 99.
    Left them in box, by next am her mouth was nice & toasty so I syringed her with her dams colostrum.
    A few days later I brought them back out with Grace who was still in kidding pen but she misses her boys...She didnt get to see the dead inuterine one..this doe will stop nursing when her boys get sold close to weaning time. Several days later she is still moaning that sound of greif.
    Litttle girls are still with her getting bottle fed...She may eventually take them back we'll see. She is currently ignoring them.
  18. barnyard

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    Feb 10, 2009
    I love reading your stories :love:
    Back in January, we had a huge boer goat that was supposed to be prego when we bought her, but wasn't. This was when I learned the true meaning of "been exposed"- it means "there is a buck running around in the pasture and we really have no idea who or what is breed" Anyway, I found an add on craigslist from a fellow that bought a meat goat for meat and she turned out to be prego. I emailed him and asked if he wanted to trade. He said yes, so we carried our goat to his place and swapped. This guy was so green. The doe we got has a huge udder and was so ready to kid. The conditions were horrible, some of the goat were sick, etc. So we get this pretty gal home and it is late. We get her to a pen and dose her with a number of things. She kids the next day and we got to see it happen. She had twins, one was in good shape the other not so good. We tried to get him to nurse and he did not suck. I am getting all wound up and thinking we are going to have to tube him and don't have any colostrum on hand so I need to milk. My stanchion was not built yet and I am not sure the horns on this spanish goat would have fit anyway. My 15 yr old daughter held the goat while I milked all the while being so upset that we might lose one. The colostrum is the goopiest stuff I have ever seen. But to be honest, I have never seen it before. So I decide that we need to go to TSC and get some colostrum. My DH is so calm he never even quickened his step. You see, he is a flight medic and has been a paramedic for 13 years. So, we get in the Excursion and he looks at me and says "Do you want to get a coke?" Dairy Queen has the best fountain cokes in town and we love to treat ourselves- under normal circumstances. I look at him- trying to remain calm- and say "I don't think I have time." Good greif what is he thinking :shrug: Then it hits me- I said "I guess to you this is not such an emergency" He says " Nope I deal with life and death everyday- we have 15 minutes to get a coke" So, I said ok and we got a coke. And you know, I did need to take a breath and calm down. We got to TSC and they only had calf colostrum so I did not even buy anything. I got back home and decided to syringe the goopy colostrm down the baby. He got stronger, he still needed extra help for the next 48 hours, but then he was good to go. Now they are beautiful bucklings and very healthy :clap: Thanks to the good info on this site, I did find out that the colostrum was normal, I just did not know what I was looking at. Needless to say, I could not wait for a shower after rolling around in the hay with all the goop and trying to milk a very upset doe. Crazy- but I love kidding!
  19. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Good job Barnyard!