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Oh boy it just makes my day sitting up there watching them :lol:

Demi, for example. A few weeks ago, she was all "I want to attack everyone because I'm the best." Then she was surgically dehorned and now - "please don't attack me, heeeelp"

Whisper is really enjoying the new Demi. Now she is officially Queen, with no competition at all! Harmie has never wanted to fight anyone, so Whissy doesn't even bother with her.

Demi's new fighting attitude is a bit like this:

Whisper: get out of my way you little &^*%
Demi: Shan't!

Demi rears up on her hind legs and twists her head into a good Attacking Pose

Whisper steps back and gets ready to retaliate.

Demi, in mid air, decides that maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all - and instead of landing facing Whisper, turns in mid air and makes a run for it.

Whisper: Come back and fight, you little whatsit!

Demi runs and hides behind any object she can find.


Oh and then we have Samuel. He seems to think that Whisper's udder still belongs to him - and dashes towards it. Whissy, on the other hand, HATES that, and will beat him up every time he does it. She still hasn't cottoned on to the fact that his head is actually harder than hers because of the horns. She puts up a jolly good fight though, and he usually runs away...

I put Samuel up on the milking stand to do his feet, locking his head into the stanchion so that he couldn't escape. I stood above him, and picked up a hind foot and started trimming. Samuel started to moan and groan and cry and generally jump around and be a pain.

I'm like "Samuel! Stop being a baby!"

and ignore his yells as sure, doesn't everyone tell me their goats yell when they get their hooves trimmed? and Samuel is a cry baby anyway.

After a little while of this I get sick of it and turn around to tell him in no uncertain terms to shut up.

At which point I see Whisper standing beside him, calming chewing his ear with immense concentration.

I got really mad at her and told Sammy I was sorry and didn't realise. He calmed down after that. :roll:

Goats, huh? They're so hilarious!
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