My goats call for me when I leave!

Discussion in 'Beginners Goat Raising' started by Buddypearl, May 31, 2019.

  1. Buddypearl

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    May 31, 2019
    Big Island Hawaii
    so .. new goats. I’m very rusty as in no goats in my life besides a childhood experience raising one that is a foggy but lovely memory. :) They are 3-4 month does part Nubian part boer. I got them a week ago. At first they were shy. They would run as soon as you stood, and stare.. and tolerate pets if fed or once caught and held. I spent hours with them the first few days and finally it clicked and I became part of the herd! Yay! They called to me when I came home and huddled practically in my lap once it started raining. (it was a covered area but they still came to me like I was the one to surround) After that I stared leash training and then I trusted them enough to go for a romp in the backyard without a leash! They would stay close and if I was out of sight they’d call and come running soon as they saw me. Awesome. However now I have to work .. (I only did half days and off to try and spend as much time as I could with them) and I feed them and when I leave they cry for me. Or when I go in the house. If I spend time and give them lots of foliage to munch well they WERE being quiet. But husband saying they cried all day today and he stated to squirt them with water from a spray bottle to try and quiet them. I found out after I came home. :( I spent some time loving on them and they are happy enough now. I don’t want them to be punished but he’s not gonna tolerate the noise.. any ideas on what to do? Did I spoil them too much? I didn’t take them out today (I did for last 4 days..) I had to work late.. they are currently eating a cup of pellets each morning and night (same as owner gave them) and then I cut banana leaves, ti leaves and grass ect for them to munch day and night. (He said that was what he did and that it was fine) I try to stick to a schedule but as soon as they see me they call. And I can’t always come..
  2. Buddypearl

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    May 31, 2019
    Big Island Hawaii
    Omg just has a thought.. could she be in heat? The crying one now was the quiet one for the week.. and she’s just 4 months now.. but she was pawing yesterday and has been pretty clingy. Just a thought. Can they come into heat that early?

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    Jun 27, 2018
    I’m not educated enough to answer the question about being in heat but my 1 year old wethers cry for me too. I used to take them treats or give them lots of loving every single time I went over and I went to them a lot. I also leash trained mine but now walk twice a day without one. They drive my husband crazy as well! They cry loudly as soon as they see me outside or hear my voice and they don’t stop. So I stopped taking them treats every time and I stopped going over every time they cried because I was teaching them if they bawl I’ll come running! Now they get treats for breakfast and dinner only and I only cut them foliage in the morning after our walks. I also work in my gardens a lot and when they cry I completely ignore them and they stop after a minute or 2. Because after all they’ve been walked fed fresh water poop picked up and foliage is hanging from their fence! I love my boys and I love cuddling on them but I also had to teach them they don’t get to bawl and I’ll come running over or pay them any attention. Yours will figure that out eventually they are babies and are learning just like children but stand firm and be the mama! You’re doing a great job:)
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    Nubians are known for being loud. It may or may not stop. You can try giving them things to keep them occupied. Make sure they have enough hay. Give them things to jump on.
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    Squirting with water will not work for crying. Does he go out every time they cry? He might be reinforcing the crying. He might just have to get used to it. :heehee:

    Years ago, when my goats were behind the garage, they would yell everytime they saw anyone. (Me or DH). He isn't a goat person at all. He just learned to ignore them. Now the barn is way aways from the house and only bucks are behind the garage.
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    I agree about Nubian's being noisier.
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    Jan 5, 2015
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    Tough love - it eventually stops - but takes a good while. Don't reward them by running out there. Mine get used to a schedule of feeding/milking time. Otherwise they are quiet.
  8. Sfgwife

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    Feb 17, 2018
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    Nubians love to hear themselfs sing it loud and proud. Lol! My nigis and kinders rarely make noise. The mini nubians.... sing it if they even think they see or hear their hoomans. Lol! If you talk to them they jus get louder and run closer. Tell hubby to ignore them and they will quiet down eventually and for him it will become background noise soon enough. He may not think so but when they stop callin when they see or hear him i bet you money he will go lookin to see what is wrong with them lol! When we move ours to new pasture we hear nothin from them and i always notice that before i notice the singin.
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    May 17, 2018
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    Mine cry for about 2 minutes when they see any of us. I usually go over BEFORE they cry and give them lovin. The more love they get a day the less they cry when they see me. If I don't give them a lot of lovin one day they will cry more for more attention.

    Overall, I proactively keep them busy and give them attention. When they cry when we drive in or out, etc. I ignore until they stop. Then after they stop I go out to them.

    As long as you don't give them attention when they are crying for you, the behavior does not become horrific.
  10. Buddypearl

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    May 31, 2019
    Big Island Hawaii
    thanks! It’s been a wild week. From fear they wouldn’t be friendly to oh no now they don’t want me to leave.. I’d stay if I could. It’s really just the one. Lulu is happy to see me and happily eats while rikku wants pets even with the fresh foliage. She’s so sweet. I will try to be a lil more predictable. Except for walks. I can’t always do them in morning. Sometimes work requires 5am and sometimes 11am.. I’m sure it will work out. Just I want my husband to be happy with them lol
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    May 31, 2019
    Big Island Hawaii
    That’s very helpful thanks. I didn’t spend much time with them yesterday and I did before bed and they were quiet when I was done. Gives me hope. I had the habit of when you first see them being all excited they talked to you and run over and talk back. Lesson learned. And they were so quiet and first! They learn fast lol.