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As some of you may know, Pearl was my little unicorn goat.

Pearl got sick about a month or two ago, and I just barely managed to save her. She had had triplet doelings earlier this year, and had given everything in her to them. My family quickly sold her with her triplets, to a neighbor of ours. One of the triplets became sick, so I tried to save her, but sadly lost her.
Just today, my neighbor called to tell us that Pearl died, and that her twins were missing.They thankfully found the girls, but Pearl was long gone.
I don鈥檛 know how Pearl died, but she was so old (11 years almost), and anything could have happened.

So now, in memory of Pearl, I will show all my happy moments and pictures I have taken of her, and I will tell you all her story! 馃槉 馃槥

My family got Pearl as our first goat ever, when she was two. She had already had a small doe, who I had named Opal. (I was five or six then)
Pearl adjusted well to our life. She was full of spunk and personality, in a very chill way. She was my mom鈥檚 baby.
That year, Pearl had triplets. It had been my family鈥檚 first time kidding, and it wasn鈥檛 the best experience. Out of the three, there were two living bucklings, and one dead doeling.
Since then, I had made it my goal to learn everything I possibly could about goats.
As Pearl aged, she kept on losing her one tiny horn. 馃槀 she was such a snarky little bossy goat.
The older Pearl got though, the slower she became. It wasn鈥檛 until recently that we realized she was so slow, it took quite a while for her to lay down and get back up again.
Pearl was always quite independent. She always grazed by herself, and never cared about who was boss in the herd.
Im sure her kids miss her, but my family will certainly miss her more.

Pearl鈥檚 grandson.

She is munching on some leaves 馃槀

I love you Pearl!

Now, because Pearl was such a funny little snarky goat, I would love to hear other鈥檚 stories about there goats...please make me laugh 馃槀 馃槶

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What a beautiful girl she was. The little freckles on her nose. I鈥檓 so sorry that her time earthside has come to an end. But I like to think that animals have an afterlife and are just somewhere we can鈥檛 see them.
Aww thank you. Yes, I loved her freckles!
Yes, I鈥檝e always wondered if animals could live out the rest of their lives spiritually. I鈥檓 still figuring out what I believe, to tell you honestly. I just hope she didn鈥檛 die horribly.

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awww thats so sweet! So sorry she's gone! :'( Sounds like she had an amazing life tho!

i had a unicorn goat for a couple months and then her other horn fell off sadly lol
Awww, thanks! That goat sounds hilarious and adorable. Pearl lost her horn to her first goat owner, who tried to poll her as a little kid, but she didn鈥檛 keep on top of it, and it started to grow more and more sideways. 馃槀

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What a sweet tribute! She sounds like she was a great goat. I'm sorry she's gone, but glad she had such a full life.
Thank you. She was a great goat, most of the time haha.
I am glad too that she loved a full life. Her kidding season was never the best, and my family always feared she would die in birth.
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