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My New Doelings.

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Not sure if they are pure ND or a mix, but I just love these two. They where from the overflow of a local miniature zoo/safari park/tourist trap.

Here is Banshee.


Both of them

Sparrow looks more Pygmy like then Banshee. They are not full sisters, but they may be half sisters.
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Aw, they're very pretty :)
They are adorable ! congrats :)
Pretty girls :)
Thank you for your replies!:D

This is the reason I got them.

If you've read my "flooded" post, a man I sold a buckling named Goliath to, could no longer keep him. He returned Goliath (now a handsome buck) and his son, I named Samson. Goliath I am going to find a new home for and am keeping Samson. Samson is a friendly little polled Pygmy X.
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What pretty girls you have there! Samson is a handsome guy, too!
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