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  1. I know I I nuts? For a while, prior to all my other purchases this year, I have been talking with the breeder on this one. Well, we finally came up with a deal I could not pass up. Before I would finish agreeing on the final stages, I had already said yes I wanted her, I got a call she would be in my area and wanted to bring her for me. So as fast as I said yes, I was meeting her in town to bring her home. LOL She is blowing coat and it was raining all day but here are her pics, the first one is an old photo from her site. Oh, she has a really long name but we call her Tenny. Nice lines too. Very happy to see what comes from her. I was looking today and she is also peacocked in color. That is her pattern, not real popular, I just happen to land two of them. She has the same Beechkeld back ground on her Sire as Chicory has in all her lines. This is where most of this color pattern comes from. I know, too much info. LOL



  2. Oh, and I love her beard. See the white strip in it? It is too cool...

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    She is so cute!! Congrats!! :D
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    Ahhh... a Genesis Acres doe? I LOVE her stuff. :) How old is she?
  5. Just three this month. I like her a lot too. I hope she will breed. She has never kidded so her is to hoping. I know some of the mini lines don't till three so we will see?
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    who are you breeding her to? Fingers crossed that you get some babies! :)
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    She is gorgeous. Congrats on the purchase. You can never have enough goats lol
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    Dec 10, 2009
    Congrats! Wow! She's gorgeous!

    Do you have a Mini Silky buck or is there one close by for breeding her?

    Deb Mc
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    Congrats on your addition-have fun! :cool:
  10. Well, she was with a buck from the 12th to the 20th when she came here and was bred. However, just in case I do have Johnny in with her right now. In the end when Spock is older, he will be a buck I would like to use. His Sire is a LONG haired mini, Mr Belvedere, and Dam is a mini as well. Here is a pic of his sire.


    He was plowing coat here in this picture as well but is coat is very long so we should have long the medium coat with Spock but he is still to young right now. Also my new moon spotted back is out of a longer haired buck.

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    First, can you have to many goats? Second, what a pretty girl, heres hoping that you get two pretty little girls from her.
  12. Oh you can get too many if space is an issue. I am about as full as I can get but I am getting rid of some girls this year too. Ellie is moving on as is Lucie, Jordan, and Tina. I am going to hold out on Tina as I would like to keep something from here. Jordan, I have her Dam so she can move on. Ellie I never planned to keep forever. I was going to keep something from her but this year I have decided not to. Lucie is a Boer doe that was one of our first, I was never going to rid of her, but I have decided since she is not registered and so on it might be time to replace her with some bigger registered stock which I have started with the TMG goats I got this year.
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    Very nice goats indeed.... congrats... :greengrin: :thumb: :love: :thumbup: