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My precious little Annabelle Mae

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She is maturing so beautifully and getting more and more spoiled by the day.


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Pretty! :) She has sweet eyes.
She wants her horns to be painted pink. hehe

She's really cute! I have a friend with a sannen mix female and she uses some kiddie paint to make fun designs on the light colored horns. :)
She wants her horns to be painted pink. hehe

Annabelle has a beautiful sweet face.
what a sweet little face!!!

I, too, think she wants her horns painted pink..... lol
What a cutie pie. :)
She's beautiful. Her eyes are so warm.
Her fur is so nice and clean and slickly looking. I bet you brush it often.
I have a mini lamancha doe that looks just like her. The only difference is she doesn't have horns and she has tiny ears.
She always gets her coat dirty and it takes work to keep her clean.

i think it would be cool if her horns were painted pink or something. :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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