my unconventional fencing lol

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  1. dtincoelemari

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    Nov 16, 2010
    I'm not really sure where to put this topic so I just went with here lol
    I have looked all over the internet for a few weeks now and I can't find anywhere that people have done their goat fencing anything like what I have lol So, I figured I would share what I have done and see what people think about it :shrug:
    I will start of by saying we rent our place. It's 10 acres. We don't plan to live here for ever and didn't want to spend a fortune building this place up when it is not ours.
    We have huge coyote issue and I wasn't about to loose any goats to predators. So this is what I did for fencing... I wish I had a camera so I could just show you lol
    All of my fence post's are half ties (Railroad ties that half been halfed :greengrin: ) that I got from a friend for free so that was a huge cut on cost's!! Then I put up 4' by 100' rolls of tenax plastic fencing on the inside of the half ties. It was about $25 a roll at home depot (It's the bright orange stuff). Then I set up 2 strands of high-tensile wire above the tenax. 1st one at 3" about and the next 6" above that. Then I put 3 strands on the inside of the fence at 2 1/2" to keep the goats off and away from the fence. I did one at 9", one at 24" and one at 38". Then on the outside I put one wire at 36" with 5" offset insulators.
    I have a Fi-Shock SS-1000X fence charger for up to 20 miles of fence. My goats don't get to close to it lol I can stand out side the fence with grain and shake it... All the goats just look at me like im nuts :slapfloor:
    My final touch was - I have tons of cactus on my property and I don't want my goats getting into it. I spent a good 2 weeks out with a flat head shovel digging up cactus and I lined the whole bottom outside of my fences with it.

    :greengrin: I set all this up about a year ago and to this day a coyote has never gotten in or a goat out so it's doing it's job so far. This last July, Aug and Sept a friend of mine had her 3 nubian cross bucks and her does over because the boys destroyed their pens fencing and even with a few girls in heat they didn't go through my fence which really shocked me because I expected them too....
    Anyhow, that’s what I have for fencing right now

    What do you think? :?
  2. milk and honey

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    Oct 30, 2010
    Everett, WA
    Nice work...very ingenius! That beats my pallet fence!

  3. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    :laugh: very cleaver........ :wink:
  4. dtincoelemari

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    Nov 16, 2010
    Thank you milk and honey :greengrin:
    Yeah, I thought about going with a pallet fence myself because I can get tons of them for free but getting the amount I would need to my house was an issue :doh: This was my next option and I could get it delivered to my house so it's what I went with.

    Thanks Pam :laugh: yup, I figured I would teach them coyotes better then to dig under my fence and get all evil cholla out of the way in one move! I pray I am blessed enough to be one those people who never looses a goat to predators :pray:
  5. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    :wink: :thumb: Your welcome.... :greengrin:

    I have faith... that your goats ...will be protected... :hug: :pray: ...
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    That sounds really cool! And it's working! Sure wish you could get pics!

    Hehe...we have field fencing, and our buck is being a brat. I am thinking about building a pallet fence around his pen on the outside so he doesn't tear my fence up!
  7. Myakkagoater

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    Apr 10, 2010
    I as well live on a rental farm that has coyote issues. This is what I did.

    The place had a 3 stall open barn on it to begin that was set up for horses. I took one stall and removed the horizontal boards on the end. I purchased the 5' tall X 16' long utility panels that TSC sells. THese panels are the ones that the horizontal wires get closer as you go down the panel. They were a little pricey but I can take them with me as I leave. The owner of the property is a demolition contractor. Out in the back 100 acres is where he has all the weird saved stuff from some of his jobs. He took an commercial metal building down and saved all of the metal from the outer skin and roof. I made a makeshift lean to off the end of the horse stall that I removed the boards. So the now 12x12 stall turned into a 12'x32' stall. Some of it is not covewred but this stall is the overnight corral.. They absolutely love it. I feed there and this is where they sleep. We have 2 Labs that stay with all of the animals everynight. You can definetely tell when the coyotes come around. The dogs go nutz. But knock on wood haven't lost any stock to them thus far.
    I also took a few boards and nailed them together and made a platform that lays on the ground. I raised it up by placing some blocks under it and they love it to hang out on and play. It is a safe haven in a way, they all know it. If something spooks them they all run to the security of it and watch until they feel secure about leaving.
    I tried to make everything so that I could easily take it with me when we leave. Some day I will have my own 40' x 120' pole building that I can raise a nice herd in. Until then I have alot of learning to do and school to finish.