Myotonic breeder ?

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  1. Does anyone know of a myotonic breeder near North Carolina or South Carolina ?

    I am new with goats and am raising Nigerian Dwarfs which I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE. My son is interested in the myotonics.
    Can someone tell me a little more about them ? I like the small size of Nigerians, so we don't want big goats.
    Are they big? Is the care of them different than Nigerians ? Are they used for meat ?
    Not sure yet if this type is good 4 us ?
    Trying to learn a little here.....
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    Hi there Paula,

    I love fainters. They are so docile and sweet... with a natural affection for humans. :- ) They are easy on fences (even the bucks) their myotonia keeps them from climbing. Fainters vary in size... so find a breeder that breeds small to medium sized fainters (17-24 in. at the withers) The large type generally range from 25-28 in. at the withers. They are a meat goat breed and their meat is more tender than other meat breeds due to the myotonia. Go to the MGR website breeders directory for breeders in your area. I believe Happy Valley Farms is in N. Carolina and they raise the minis... plus they socialize their animals so you will get a "pet" personality. :- )

    Hope that helps and Merry Christmas!

    Faint-Hearted Ranch

  3. Thanks alot,
    I really appreciate the help.

    Can myotonics be in the same fenced area as nigerians ? or would they need a seperate fenced area ?

  4. Yes, Myotonics can live with any breed so long as the goats are not individually aggressive. When a Myotonic goes down to an aggressive boar goat for example, chances of that goat surviving if the aggressive more agile breed does not let up, are slime. Unless it is a Myotonic that is not heavy in the fainting area. Keep in mind I have more then one breed of doe on my property. However, I house does that are compatible with others and keep the smaller more timid ones to themselves. This in time builds confidence and more in your timid goats. What you need to consider is this, are you getting a buck, do you have a buck? If you are getting a Myotonic buck do you want to breed meat into your dairy does? If you have a dairy buck you do not want to breed that to your Myotonic does, here is why.

    Dairy goats are heavy milkers, thus, their kids consume huge amounts of milk in order to grow. Myotonics are NOT dairy influenced, nor are they heavy milkers. They have small "milk on demand" udders that provide smaller amounts of milk in comparison to dairy, or Kiko and Boer........both of which had some dairy influence in their creation. Myotonics have a higher milk fat but not a higher volume. To ask a doe to raise a half dairy kid is a recipe for disaster for both the doe and the kid(s). Keep in mind it's not a matter upsetting breeds or crossing them, you just have to do it right. If not right, it becomes a matter of doing what is best for that doe that one might expect to birth and raise those kids for them. Too many folks never take into account what it is they are asking of their does in crossing them with other breeds, or they breed them too young and so on. Does this make since?
  5. Thanks John,

    No I would not cross breed. That is not my intentions. I was interested in size etc... I would only keep does of similar size etc..
    and bucks with bucks etc...I just didn't know if I could keep 2 different breeds in the same fenced area.
    I am new with goats, when I breed I put buck and doe in breeding pen (same breed). I don't let bucks run with does :) .

    Is the care much different from dairy, I am interested in learning more about the care of meat goats? where do you reccomend for best info?
    What does goat meat taste like in your opinion?
    I love deer meat and can cook it pretty good alot of different ways, is goat meat similar?

    I am concidering small myotonics ,similar in size to my nigerians, but I want to learn some more about the meat breed,
    before I buy a couple,and make sure that These are gonna be a good fit for me...

    What differences in feed ?
    I give my nigerians, timothy hay(as much as they want, and purina goat feed, & a little alfafa ,and loose mineral (free choice)...
  6. Well, yes you can house them together, and you can even cross breed you would just need to do it right. Sounds like you have done your homework!

    As for care, yes there is a difference. From my understanding they do not eat as much as a dairy goat, like with cows, when the goat is not making milk etc it is not nessessary to eat as much.

    As for goat meat, what I have eaten is very good. The people I know that like it the most say it is great when cooked right and the one deer meat eater I know says it is not a gamey. If you need meat recipies, let me know I can dig them up. I have not used any but know several ways from research done. The best thing, in my opinion about deer and goat is goat is far better for you the deer.

    You can go with the size you want but the smaller the less meat you will have. As for as learning about the breed in itself, I recommend my info page on my site. That will get you started. Then go over to the links page and read up on Onion Creek Ranch. She has some great articles. They also have a yahoo group on the subject. Also Bending Tree Ranch is another good source for info and she is great for questions. Drop her an email, or myself, anytime you like and you will get an answer. These two breeders have helped me a LOT over the years. Suzzane with Onion Creek Ranch can be a little direct at times, she will tell you just her thoughts on it, and Pat at Bending Tree Ranch is just great. These two breeders have the biggest meat goats in the breed for the most part and Onion Creek has been producing for meat over 25 years. She started the TMG goats and the Texmasters. I tell you all about it on my info page at my site. Just start there. Then again I am always here and there are other meat people here that can help you as well. But I always recommend getting several different thoughts and ways before taking just one persons advise and see what best suits you.

    As for the breed, I have never met a person that has had one Myotonic and not gotten another. I had all three of the maid meat breeds and you see where I am today. Myotonic Heaven and growing. LOL

    As for your feed, that is fine your Myotonics will again just eat less. LOL No change needed there. If you need me, let me know. I am literally obsessed with the breed so I can tell you quit a bit and what I do not know I will learn for the both of us. :wink: