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Currently I have a solid black, blue eyed, polled buckling that I think will be mini. I cannot guarantee this though. His mother also has skirting and his dad is longer haired. Today I notices it appears he has skirting as well. Asking $200.

I also have his brother who is also solid black, marbled eyes and horned. $200

I have a solid red buckling who has marbled eyes, and polled. $225

I have a black and white doeling who had marbled eyes when she was born but they seem to have turned all brown now. She is horned and has been shown with some success. $300

I have an older buck. Tan and white, two teated, polled, had marbled eyes but I think they are all brown now as well. $200

I have the aboves buck wether brother available as well. He is a tri color, and horned. $75

Last I have a white and light cream buckling. He has blue eyes and is horned. He will be ready to go end of May. He is a very cute boy and you can't see his cream coloring in the pictures. $250

If you are interested in any of the above goats let me know and we can most likely work something out. I will give multiple purchse discounts and we are possibily going to the IN show but not sure on that yet. You can see pictures of all the above animals under my for sale page and new arrivals.

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