Myotonics for sale in North Idaho

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    As we make a large change in our household - we are going to be selling most (if not all) of our Myotonic herd. I have listed the ones that I have decided can definately leave, and will be pondering on the couple remaining. All are registered with MGR. Some are blue eyed, some polled (or both), some are pregnant - and also my large buck is for sale.

    Sunset Lake Ranch Bluebell (Blue eyed/ Confirmed bred / blue eyes possible on kids)

    Meg Courtney (Blue eyed / polled / open)

    CMR Finesse (Moonspotted - available after kidding in early April)

    Sunset Lake Ranch Snowball (Confirmed bred - blue eyes and polled possible on kids)

    Apache Landing Blaze (Buck - Blue eyes and Polled - BIG boy!)

    These goats can be seen at

    Thank you

    I am willing to negotiate prices if all are purchased together