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  1. Pound Foolish

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  2. Asphodel AKA Adelle

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    For everyone who helped name Royce here are a few pictures of him from tonight. There are also pictures of the doe kid I'd like help naming and occasionally Olivia's Honey Hart buck shows up! Mind's REALLY hard to take pictures of romping and hoping goat kids! I took 40...these are the only ones that aren't blurry!

    So, the doe kid is out of Castle Rock Penny Wise who is out of Moneypenny and by Guy Noir. She is by Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce *S. The first name idea is a character in the Guy Noir movie. The second name is a play on the saying "penny wise, pound foolish."

    I also need some help with a barn name if you like the pound foolish idea...If I name her Asphodel then I will call her "Adelle" but I can't think of anything cute for "Pound Foolish"

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST...If you are familiar with the Guy Noir show and know of a better character name, or if you know of a cool name to do with money...please suggest it! Thanks so much everyone!!

    Olivia's buck kid and Royce "sparing"
    My doe kid - Mom what's that bright light!?
    Doe kid about to pounce on the fan...she's a pretty broken chamoisee with extensive roaning.
    Royce and the doe kid staring at Olivia's buck in the background
    Royce is 2 weeks old and already trying to charm and mount a doe! Too bad she's his half sister...hahaha
    Again the doe kid, this is who we are voting on a name for
  2. Re: Name poll and pics to go with it

    Very nice does I hope everyone can help with the name. Either was she will be different in name.

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    Re: Name poll and pics to go with it

    you could call her "fool"

    I call my goats that sometimes....
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    Re: Name poll and pics to go with it

    What about "Oolie" - kinda strange to look at but when you say it, it's kinda cute. :) I'm gonna vote for Pound Foolish.

    My buck is soooo cute! And BUSY! Oh, boy this should be fun. . .
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    Re: Name poll and pics to go with it

    Aw Oolie is cute Olivia! Thanks for the suggestion! I set the kids up with a big pen in my garage today and they are running and jumping and playing. Penny and Lulla are in a separate pen the in the garage and have started acting up too! Silly goats...if you think kids are cute to see running an a big ole pregnant doe try it! hehehe
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    Thanks everyone for voting! It seems Pound Foolish has won but I talked to Sarah (Castle Rock) and she is hoping to that name someday when she keeps a kid from the same dam. SO! I have happily named her Asphodel. She just looks like an Adelle to me anyhow :love:

    Here are some better pictures of her, thanks again everyone!
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    Feb 14, 2010
    AWWW SO CUTE!!! i love ur boy..and ur girl...but he stole my