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    I thought it was time to post here. The ironically sad part is that I was just looking here for the first time a few days before Narf died. I was reading all of these posts, and thinking about how lucky I had been so far. It seems like way too many goats are posted here, and way too often. I was thinking about which goat I would truly be heartbroken about, if they passed. And Narf was the one. And then she died. Its almost as if I cursed her.

    She wasn't a goat, she was a puppy. I always let her out when working down by the barn, and she followed me everywhere. She preferred me over the other goats, hands down. I never had to worry about her wandering off. She was sweet as pie.

    She got into my neighbor's yard a couple of days before she died. In the two years I have had goats in that field, from infants to adults, none have gotten through that fence. It is square holed fence, with very tiny holes at the bottom, moving up to large holes at the top. The holes mid-fence were just big enough she could fit through if she forced herself. Which means she climbed the lower portion like a ladder, and squeezed through like some sort of weird contortionist. When I saw her over there, I had no idea for how long she had been there. It is a lush lawn, but there are no noticeable plants and she seemed to be running up and down the fence trying to get back in the field.

    She developed diarrhea the next day, so I separated her and cut way down on her feed, because I was sure it was due to the lush lawn. I treated her with Probios and Pepto, feeling it was food related. She had a case of diarrhea a while back, which resulted from being on the pasture at the same time she was getting alfalfa (actually, stealing from the horses.) When I set it up so the goats couldn't get into the horse's alfalfa, the diarrhea stopped. I figured it was the same here. She was eating fine and didn't act sick. And then I went to feed at night, and she was crumpled in a heap. Couldn't stand, and her neck kept snapping back as if she had some neurological issues. I started her on what meds I had immediately, but she was gone within 45 minutes. Not even enough time to get a return call from the emergency vet (it was a Sunday.)

    My guesses? She ate something toxic in our neighbor's yard...OR, she succumbed to overeating disease (C & D). She WAS vaccinated, but according to many studies, the vaccine isn't nearly as effective as it leads you to believe. Only around 50%. She will be sorely missed. I finally emailed the breeders today to inform them. I felt horrid. I know the woman will cry. I asked if I could purchase a kid from Narf's dam next year, but told them I understand if they don't trust me buying from them. I only have adult goats on the field right now, and Val (my other weanling), and the newborns are all penned up tight. I am going to be putting chicken wire up along the entire fence this weekend so that the dang thing is like a maximum security prison.

    Learning through death SUCKS. But, I want people to know that vaccines are NOT FAIL PROOF. (Not saying she had overeating disease, but it fit all the clinical signs.) I had two puppies get parvo, even when properly vaccinated (bought from the store.) A puppy owned by the front desk man for my vet's office got parvo, and was vaccinated BY THE VET. In other words, make sure that your goats (anything under a year in particular), do NOT have access to extremely lush fields or too much rich food, and especially not manicured lawns....Just because you vaccinated for C & D doesn't mean they still can't die of it. My dad thinks I should feed mine more hay, because what they get seems to be a tiny amount. But what you feed a goat, and how much, can easily kill it.

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    I'm so sorry :( I love that name- I used to watch Pinky and the Brain with my family as a kid. I hope they will sell you a sibling next year! Some things just can't be helped :(

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    She was a beautiful little girl :hug: I am so sorry you lost your sweet little puppy, she knew how much she was loved :hug:
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    I am so sorry for your loss.. :( .she was a very pretty girl... :hug: