Nasty Goats Milk!

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Laney3535, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Jun 24, 2012
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    So apparently my doe isn't out of milk like we had thought she was... well we milked her 2 nights ago and pasturized it... It tasted like Hay... we started her back on grain (only so we could milk her) and milked her again this evening and pasturized it. I went to taste it and I threw up... I tasted like pure sea salt, so it tasted like the ocean maybe even saltier! I am pretty sure it isnt mastitis her teats arent hard... But I am not sure
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    I would do a mastitis test. I was told by my vet that one of the signs is salty tasting milk.

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    Yep salty flavor can be a sign of mastitis. You don't always see redness or swelling if its a mild case. I would test just in case. It could also be that the milk your tasting is left over from when she started to dry up that dropped down. That old milk taste very salty and mineraly.
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    Oct 26, 2008
    usually when they are drying off and not producing real milk anymore it is salty. I would say yes your doe is in the process of drying off. stop milking her.
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    Sep 12, 2011
    I had salty milk once.
    I think that I pinned it down to one of two things:
    I wasn't getting my milking equipment rinsed good enough, and started rinsing with vinegar then clear water.
    I also started limiting my goats access to the mineral block, that is salt based. Between the two, the salt problem cleared up and I honestly don't know which it was.
    Try this: Take a cup, put a baggie opened into it. Wash the udder, rinse it off, do your test squirts. Once you are at clean milk, milk into the baggie. I then cool it down, can't deal with warm milk... now taste it... this simple test will tell you if it is residue on your milking equipment.
    If this doesn't solve it, look at other things as well as possibility of a problem with the goat's health.
    I have always noticed, that if I miss a milking, the milk tastes off at the next milking. So either milk or don't milk, you can't miss and still get good tasting milk.
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  6. I agree first I'd test for mastitis. Also as Keren mentioned if this is the end of a milking 'season' let her dry up. A loose mineral shouldn't have so much salt it affects the taste in theory. Be sure your equipment is cleaned properly, after your strip cup, milk out, strain, and get cooled as fast as possible- I use an ice bath and then into the refrig. I also use glass mason jars- you probably don't want anything porous ( plastic might be).
  7. Laney3535

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    Jun 24, 2012
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    We figured it out! We thought she was dry, but her sneaky kid was still nursing, and when we sold him we realized she was still producing, she was also VERY thin. Well since she wasnt getting grained or anything it was using her fat stores, and her nutrients, so thats why it was like that... We wormed her, bought alfalfa and got out the grain. We also updated her BoSe and CD&T shots. She had already put on weight after we wormed her and we have been watching her and she is getting healtheir! We are drying her up as well :) so we are in the process of doing so before she kids in June! we are so excited about the babies! we are lucky we noticed that she wasn't getting the nutrition she needed or she could have lost her baby/babies!
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    really? I milked off and on whenever I felt like having fresh milk. I left her kid on her when I knew I would be gone be It several days in a row or just for a night.we did this often for about 6 months before she got tired of him trying to nurse and weaned him herself. the only time I ever ever noticed her milk taste different was right after I had her do a "driveway breeding." she definitely got some bucky cologne and funny tasting milk for a few days after his being around.
  9. Ozark Lady

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    Sep 12, 2011
    You are right...
    The kids did the milking for you, it did not sit in the udder and get old at all.
    I was thinking of the goats without kids on them.
    I don't normally allow my kids to nurse at all.
    But, last year and this I have allowed it. I am not sure what the results will be, I have a 10 month old still nursing.
    I am only allowing bucks to nurse this year.