natural cocci tx is this good for adults too

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    if so what would the dose be?
    thank you

    Cocci Remedy
    1 tsp powdered ginger * 1 tsp cloves * 1 tsp slippery elm powder * 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1 cup boiling water - Steep for 20 minutes
    For a 2 month old kid give 6-10cc twice a day for 5-7 days

    Not a lot of people have the slippery elm on hand, it is great stuff though and if you have the chance I highly recommend having some on hand. I don't know if the other ingredients would work without it but it certainly cannot hurt to try, if you have the supplies.
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    If you are having a coccidia problem (had a fecal done with high counts) then it'd be best to go with a round of coccidia medicine. You do not want to mess with the stuff.

    I *think* I got that dosing from a Nigerian Dwarf group, so a two-month ND (ours anyway) weigh right around 15 to maybe 20 lbs. I'd up the dose by 3-4 times for an adult. More is not going to hurt them since it is all natural. But it would probably be good to treat the conventional way to be rid of the icky stuff.

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    I have to agree with Olivia.... :wink:

    Cocci ...can kill a goat quickly causes internal damage ...if left to also stunts growth...the natural cures.. may take to long to work or...may not work at all... if given the wrong amounts.... giving the traditional medicine....would be a good idea..... cocci is nasty stuff... good luck... :hug: