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    Nov 11, 2019
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    2 new NDG 10 weeks old seem to only like some hay, grains, and some milk.

    Tryed applesauce, apples, peanut butter, apples covered in molasses turned their nose up to all. Hoping to sneak in my herbs and garlic with some goodies.

    Hoping their appetite will change soon.

    Any suggestions?
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    Have you tried giving any treats without the wormer or garlic? If it's the first time they are trying a food they might not like the taste with the wormer.

    What I did was put a new food in their food dishes with their grain each night to get them used to it. For example, lets say applesauce. I'll put it in their grain dish with a little grain on top to entice them to eat it. Once they figure out that the applesauce is delicious and consistently eat it I'll sneak in the wormer and they don't even notice. Sometimes the trick is just getting them to taste it. I will even put half their grain in a dish, the applesauce on top of it and then the rest of the grain on top of that. This has worked very well for me.

    I have heard that slippery elm bark powder (yeah I know that sounds crazy) is loved by goats for its taste. You can get it at amazon and then sprinkle it on things they don't like. I have never used it, but that's what I hear.
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