Naturally Raised Kiko Goats For Sale

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    Jan 21, 2008
    So. Central Kansas
    Naturally Raised PC and PB Kiko Goats For Sale

    All goats are raised naturally, chemical free, and with as little intervention as possible, while still being handled enough as kids to make them socialized with humans.

    All kids sired by 100% NZ Sires

    Out of Yang Ching’s Hammer – grandson of Hammer – registered AKGA & IKGA
    (3) ½ Boer/ 1/2 Kiko doelings
    (2) ½ Boer / ½ Kiko Bucklings - SOLD
    (1) Purebred Kiko Buckling – dam out of Mr. Cecil Cyclone

    Out of Fae’s Oberon O’Bond – son of Eastex James Bond – registered AKGA & IKGA
    (4) 75% Kiko doelings
    (2) 75% Kiko bucklings
    Out of Kiko/Spanish dams – these kids are actually 7/8ths Kiko, 1/8 Spanish, but dams were only registered as 50% Kiko, as their Kiko/Spanish dam was never registered. Most of these kids have ice blue eyes like their sire and lots of color in this bunch.

    Out of Golden Rule – son of Goldmine III – AKGA registered.
    (2) Purebred Kiko Bucklings – dam out of Southwest Ceasar

    Purebred Bucklings - $200.00
    75% Doelings - $175.00
    75% Bucklings - $125.00
    ½ Boer/Kiko doelings - $100.00
    ½ Boer/Kiko bucklings - $75.00

    Add $50.00 to above prices if you want kids registered and parentage verified, as the cost of this is $60.00 to me.
    10% discount given on purchase of 3 or more does at the same time.
    $50.00 deposit will hold any goat until it’s ready to go home with you – kids will be weaned June and July.

    We also have a mature Purebred Kiko buck for sale – he was 1 year old in October, out of Boulder Hills Farm, Eastex Zeus line, registered AKGA and sire verified. $400.00 OBO.

    Pictures of all the goats for sale can be seen at our website (although some pics may be outdated and current pics are always available, email [email protected]):

    Kokiri Kikos
    South Central Kansas
    Email: [email protected]

    Our first crop of 100% NZ kids are due September/October 2008!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    Just wanted to tell you that my friend now owns southwest ceasar and he is a gorgeous buck!!!

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    Jan 21, 2008
    So. Central Kansas
    Bumped for updates.
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    Jan 21, 2008
    So. Central Kansas
    Alyssa - Yes, he is! I know Cheri and Bill also (SUPER people!) and have 2 of their does (not out of SW Ceasar, of course, as I bought the doelings before they acquired SW C). The dam the PB bucklings are out of is one of a set of twin sisters out of SW C and they are AWESOME!