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ND Goat Hair Loss issues?

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Still having issues!
We are having hair loss with 2 of our 3 sibling ND pet goats. The wether has been losing patches of hair over the last 2 months. he is not excessively scratching and no visual signs of Lice or indication of Mites. He did have some bronzing and a fish tail so we copper bolus all three goats approx. 3 weeks ago. We also began 30mg of Zinc and Replamin gel every other day going on 2 weeks. They have free choice of Manapro minerals and we add Top coat to their 1/2 cup of grains each night. We also applied NuStock as well.
We have experienced at hand of them ripping each others fur out and eating it? as you can see from the pics our wether is not looking good visually, but is eating and drinking fine and is very active?
We sent pics to our vet, they suggested Ivermectin. We are out of ideas other than this, any suggestions?

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You need to go to once a week Replamin Plus. You can overdo it. You will need to give the minerals time to work.
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