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Hello all!
This is my first post, and I'm extremely new to goat raising.
My ND doe was due to kid (her first freshening, and mine too!) on March 13 - that was day 145.
Today is day 150. I witnessed a very strong contraction while she was standing in the field yesterday, about 3pm. She hunched her back and stretched out her neck, letting out a little wail. It was pretty dramatic, and at that point, I decided to place her in the kidding pen. From what I have learned on google this last month, after the start of contractions, they usually proceed to the next stage of labor in 12-14 hours.
We are now more than 24hours later... My husband and I haven't witnessed another contraction, but we also don't have cameras. We have been checking on her every two hours. She's licking the barn walls, trying to escape the pen, eating, drinking, walking circles, and has an extremely full udder. There's no mucus but her vulva is very swollen, and I haven't been able to locate tail ligaments since yesterday morning.
I think things are progressing, but... this is day 150 ... Is it normal for a nigerian dwarf to kid past day 150? At what point would you call a vet to see if there is a reason she hasn't kidded yet?

Thank you so much!

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My Nigerians range from 140-155, I even had 2 that kidded healthy kids at day 135. (No mistaking the breeding date as there was no way they could have been bred later.) That one contraction you saw could have been the kid(s) getting in birthing position. Having the does out and moving around prior to birthing is one of the best things to help the kids get ready. The movement of the doe helps the kids move around and position themselves! I actually chase my preggers out of the barn daily so they can jostle the kids. They get fed inside their pens, but the water is outside so they have to move around, even when they want to be lazy. Moving around also keeps their muscles toned and ready for contractions.

Good luck and happy kidding!
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