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I saw your post on a forum about treating ringworm. Someone gave us a NDG and we have no experience with them. We have LaManchas and a Nubian/alpine cross. We seem to have a lot in common with your description. I am wondering if NDGs need different minerals, etc. than a normal sized goat? Also could stress cause hair loss? She was fine a couple of days ago and now she has big patches missing along her back and sides. None of my other goats are showing any signs of ringworm. Could her immune system be down and that is what caused it? Could we shave her and wash her with something? She seemed healthy when she came to us a few weeks ago. We just made your recommended electrolye drink? What would you do in this situation, other than give the goat back!! Our first goat that we bought a few years ago came to us with a lot of issues, unknowingly, ringworm being one of them. We got a shampoo from our vet and I have some left over we could use, but I am 8 weeks postpardum with my 8th child and would rather not use that if I can help it. We ended up putting that goat down, sadly, but haven't dealt with ringworm since. The goat we just got (the NDG) was given to someone for meat with another one that she had been with for a while. They butchered the male and got attatched to her and couldn't butcher her, so they gave her to us. Wondering if that could cause stress and hair loss, although from the little experience I have had with ringworm it does look like it: patches on hair missing down to the skin, some flake under exsisting hair, and it pulls right out. We just separated her from the rest today. Thanks for you help.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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