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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Ashlynn, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Ashlynn

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    Sep 30, 2017
    Lutz, FL
    Okay so I have 3 babies going with their mom to the fair in 4 days, they wouldn’t normally have to be tattooed by then, but so was told because I paid for an adult goat that I’m not taking that I could show a baby. These babies will be about 2 weeks by the show. If I show one she would have to be tattooed. These are my options, please help.
    -tattoo all and risk green ears in show ring and getting green on my adult show goats

    -don’t tattoo, don’t show kid

    -tattoo only one baby and hope that limits the green

    -tattoo all and try to wipe off the excess anywhere but the ear with a baby wipe.
  2. Goats Rock

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    Jun 20, 2011
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    Don't you have to have the registration papers, too? If you tattoo one, they will all get green! (You too!)

    I tattoo all my Swiss kids when I disbud at 3 or 4 days old. So, age shouldn't be a factor for you. Just the "green everywhere" thing.

    Just watch your kids for signs of illness, 2 weeks is pretty young to be out in public among other strange goats.
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  3. ksalvagno

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    If you are taking kids to the fair, they really should be tattooed. Just for your protection and if they get stolen.
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  4. Ashlynn

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    Sep 30, 2017
    Lutz, FL
    Yes they will be registered by then and we will for sure have a stamped duplicate. Their pen will be tarped and no one will be allowed to pet them without washing hands to hopefully help prevent them from catching something. I didn’t think about them getting stolen, but do remember that happening one year, I think I have a friend sleeping in the barn. If I tattooed all of them, which is what I probably will do, would I be able to get the green off one of my white adults staying with them before a show?
  5. I tattooed my white and my cream goats about 3 days before a show because I just never got around to it. I took soap and rags and cleaned off any green that got on their coat fairly easily.
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  6. mariarose

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    I'd pass on the opportunity, not because of the green, but because of an immature immune system at 2 weeks old being so exposed. I just don't see the upside.

    Best of luck to you
  7. OpieDoodle

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    Nov 15, 2015
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    I'd also pass on showing them that young. For me the risk would be much bigger than the reward. Around me it seems something is always being passed around at fairs so even if you limit petting there is still the risk.
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  9. Ashlynn

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    Sep 30, 2017
    Lutz, FL
    Update- Tomorrow is the last day at the show and everyone so far is doing great.
    I did not end up tattooing or showing any of the babies.
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