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Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by lazymfarm00, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. lazymfarm00

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    Jul 16, 2010
    we pruchase a 2 mo old doe when we picked her up she had scours the breeder
    wormed her (invermectin) we got her house and started albon we are going to
    repeat worming tuesday. her poop is like a little dogs all soild and we noticed
    she had a puddle up loose about 30 minutes ago. what do ya think?
  2. Thanatos

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    Mar 16, 2009
    Lake Ariel, Pa
    do a fecal asap. then worm again if necessary. cut back on high protien feed and stick with dry stuff for now. get the girl some bounce back or other electrolite stuff to help replace lost minerals.

  3. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    I agree with...Jason..... if you get a fecal done.... you will know exactly what is going on...also ....have them check for worms and cocci at the same time.....just to make sure.... :hug:
  4. elchivito

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    Apr 18, 2010
    ditto the advice given...get some pepto into her...6 cc. from a syringe with no needle several times a day.
    Even though the deed is done, for the record:
    As a breeder, I would NEVER let a scouring goat leave to a new home.
    As a buyer, I would NEVER take possession of a sick goat.

    I presold two twin doelings this spring. Before delivery to their new owners, one broke her leg. The buyer wanted to take them anyway with a cast on the one's leg and I said no. I sold you a good solid baby and you're not going to get her till she's healed and we see that her leg is straight and won't interfere with her being shown. Today she had xrays and is fine and we removed the cast. They are coming to get her and her sister next saturday. Sending a sick or injured animal to a new home with an inexperienced buyer is just plain wrong. Shame on who ever sold her to you.