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Need Help on a pedigree/ register

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I have a KC French Lop who has a pedigree paper, but on her pedigree paper I don't see a Reg#.... Is that because she might not / are hasn't been register!? On the pedigree paper it's KC Rabbitry French lop pedigree & yea haha I don't know what grade that pedigree is are if it's just a pedigree website for all pedigree's... I have looked this website up & still can't find out much but I'm more wanting to know about the register thing ! are if anyone can maybe tell me what website that can help me find out what I'm looking for... I only met the lady I got her from once & we both didn't say much but we was both in a rash but now I could shot myself for not asking more


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Can you call her and ask? You could also call the registry and ask them.
I didn't even think to ask her for a number... Do you know the name of the website ?
I know nothing about rabbit registering. I would just look up the registry name that is on her registration.
Look it up a little better now. I got it now
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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