Need help, Preg First Fresh. w/Scours

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    Jan 5, 2010
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    Hello all,
    Thank you for your help (in advance), I really appreciate you taking the time to help.

    So, after all my good luck and prosperous times, I have my first illness. :( I have a Nigerian Dwarf First Freshner due no earlier than March 6th (145 days gestation) with scours, dark green alfalfa colored very watery runs. All of our goats were wormed before breeding with Quest/Cydectin? I believe (it's quite late & I can check records in the AM), also had CDT booster. The preg. doe's get 50/50 grass hay/excellent alfalfa...along with Ultra Show Goat (grain), oats, BOSS, Sea kelp meal, and Sweet Lix Meat maker minerals. I have not changed anything about their diet during pregnancy, no real increase/decrease of grain. Shed & pen are cleaned completely out ATLEAST weekly with fresh straw laid down. There are no foreign plants that she could have gotten into. She cannot escape (brand new 6 ft no-climb fencing). It's been very rainy here (Oregon, when doesn't it rain! UGH!). I originally noticed "someone" in the doe pen with very very slightly off poo yesterday... still in "pellets" only some of them were clumped all together instead of each individual "pellet". Tonight, her bottom is covered in scours poop, which we washed off and shaved her behind (wanted to see her gorgous udder anyway). I gave her a vit/mineral/probiotic paste that we had on hand...maybe about 5 mg.
    Like I said, it's late so hopefully this makes sense...
    Notes I think you might want to know:
    -Can't check for temp's right now as it's middle of the night.
    -She is acting her usually sweet spunky self, not lazy or depressed at all. Her attitude is same as usual.
    -Is due approx. 3/6/2010 with first kidding
    -No other doe's have issues (Knock on wood so far)
    -Grain does NOT have cocci treatment in it, but we have never had a cocci issue before.
    -One of the 4 doe's in the doe pen kidded on Monday but is still in a seperated area. (Not sure if this is relevent or not???)
    -No changes to feed.
    -Wormed and CDT just before breeding in Sept/Oct.
    -Looks very healthy, as they all do, gorgeous coats, great attitudes, plenty of freedom/exercise. Nice big round belly, very big actually.
    -Scours are dark green in color, NOT yellow, NOT black.
    I wouldn't be able to get a fecal done for about 3 days.

    Any suggestions????? Wormers to use on pregnant doe's? Cocci treatments for pregnant doe's?? Pepto, Baking soda??? All of your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    wow you are detailed thats awesome.

    First I would give her 2doses of 10ccs of pepto (so like 6 hours a part) and see if in 12 hours they start to clear up. If not then I would get a fecal done to see if it is worms or coccida related.

    Some pregnant goats do get clumpy to doggy like poo closer to the end of their pregnancy but watery is not good.

  3. Bellafire Farm

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    Jan 5, 2010
    NW Oregon
    Thank you for your help.
    Now that it's morning, I can tell you that she got 3-4 cc of a Probios/Vit/Mineral paste late last night.

    I checked on her first thing this morning and gave her another 5cc of Probios type paste (although she spit some out) she's still acting like her normal self, sweet & up & at 'em, not lazy or depressed at all. Her bottom is still clean from us washing her off late last night which leads me to think she must be a little bit better. I waited & waited but did not get the opportunity to see her poop this morning. I did investigate the pen and did not find any more gloppy poop piles, only nice regular pellet spots. I realize this could have been from any of the 3 doe's in there, but not seeing watery green scours on the ground also makes me think she's feeling a little better.

    I'm not sure if I mentioned it in my previous post, but I only gave 1 cup of grain for all 3 doe's in the pen last night, just to ensure she didn't eat to much grain (and I had no way to seperate her that late at night). Today, I plan to seperate her at grain time, to ensure she gets only grass hay with a little alfalfa and no grain.
    I wonder if maybe she just got considerably more than her share of grain the night before she got the scours. ??? Has never happened before, but....

    Should I still give her Pepto type stuff if she is clearing up alright with just the Probios? If it gets bad again, then yes definitely, but I think if she's solidifying on her own with the Probios...I'd hate to reverse & cause constipation.

    Just for additional knowledge, which wormers are best for pregnant doe's?
    And how do you treat cocci in pregnant doe's? I'm versed in treating the babies, but not the adults.
  4. nancy d

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    Glad to hear she's lookin better, way to go!
    Yes she could have gotten more than her fair share of grain!
    Continuing with the paste & another round or so of pepto is not going to hurt at all.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    how is she this evening?

    YOu treat adults the same as you would a kid for coccida

    Ivermectin is safe for pregnant goats
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    Jan 5, 2010
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    She's back to her perfect little self now, attitude fine, poops fine now. I'm only giving her a handful of grain in the evening, and I'll probably give a bit more tonight to eventually get her back up to speed, but we'll go slow and watch amounts much more closely now. I'm also feeding their hay first, then waiting 30mins+ before giving grain...hoping that this helps them eat more of their hay, and better digest their grain.
    Can't WAIT until she kids! March 6th! Her udder looks incredible @ 3 weeks before kidding and a first freshner too! I'm so excited! She won Grand Champ Junior doe as a kid, can't wait to see how she'll do as a FF!!
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    Oct 4, 2007
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