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need help

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I bought a nj dwarf doe three months old a week ago.i noticed a couple. of days. ago a small. lump on her jaw that had busted. and looks. like. its drying. up
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Could be a tooth abscess...a sticker cyst...If you post apic we might be able to tell..3 months old is a bit young for that would not be my first thought....I would clean the area well and put iodine on it to help the drying and keep it disinfected..
Where on her jaw? Do you have pictures? Do you have other goats? Unfortunately it sounds like CL... :-/

Edit: Happybleats knows WAY more than I do, and I was distracted and missed the age of yer doe. Also, been a lot of CL on the boards lately, so I'm paranoid. ;)
No she is my only goat at this time i trided to get a good picture but its so small and drided up i can't. i put iodine and antibiotic ointment on it
And we never noticed this when we bought her we never noticed it until like after five day's later
Any picture helps - you can put a circle around the old abscess. It will help us to be able to tell you if it's something like a sticker orbug bite that you just need to make sure it's cleaned out or a tooth abscess that might come back.

not that we can tell everything from a photo but it can help.

also, if it was from something like a bee sting, splinter, sticker, something, you need to make sure that piece of debris is out of the abscess hole or the abscess will come back.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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