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WOW, what a exciting time for you.

I am really not sure, sorry no help here. My daughter will be 18 in August , but thank the Lord she is only a Junior. ( I held her back in the 3rd grade, best thing I have ever done).

Is she going off to College? If so I got my son a bunch of stuff for his dorm.

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my mom got me a really pretty but in expensive necklace for graduation, i cant wear it as im allergic to anything under 14 k gold. Drats, yes i can be expensive, but i only wear ficve stud earings anyways. and never take them out.
What do they like to do? Are they into goats? I had a lady send me a piece of slate and a picture of her daughters favorite goat a few years ago, painted it on the slate for her daughters graduation present she loved it.
If she is into shopping a new outfit can be fun.
i will try and think of more.
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