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Not sure. I thought about a March/Spring related theme, but that is so typical. I like the unique names. Most of mine that I have named have been disney themed. So don't want any more of that right now. I love mystic, blue moon type names. But other suggestions I got were Windy, Sunny, Rain, Storm, Breeze, Spring, petal and flower names of course. Keep them coming.

I found some on another thread too:

Sky Blue
Mystic Blue
Wild Thing

And I thought of these, using the first initials of my kids Adrian and Victoria,

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for some reason the name Haze or Misty comes to mind for the little roaned buckskin, maybe because of the frosting she has all over. As for the other one i looked up moon names and the meaning of the full moon in february is Snow Moon. I dont think those are moon spots though i could be wrong as i have not a clue on nigerian color patturns. But it seemed to fit.
a few others i cam up with
blue moon
once ina blu moon (depending on how long your herd name is Spelling?)
March's full moon is called the sugaring moon
the cherokee name for marchs full moon is the strawberry or windy moon
the muskokee tribe called march the little spring month. Little Spring might be a cute name as she is a mini breed.
I don't know why im so interested in the moon names suddenly i guess its those spots. She sure is a cutie
If you hadnt been able to tell im really into the themes for nameing goats, whether it be wneh they are born or what color they are or their parents names. This is my absolute favorite part of kidding season. I love nameing kids.
What are their parents names?

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1st girl:
Down South Minis Sparklin' Lucy (don't know where that came from)
Down South Minis Azure Star
Down South Minis Blue Lily
Down South Minis Hyacinth

2nd girl:
Down South Minis Calamity Jane
Down South Minis Gevalia
Down South Minis Thumbelina
Down South Minis Zinfandel

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Wow, you guys are so creative. I don't know much about coloring either but Ashley says they are moon spots. The mom has moon spots too. She is white with cream color moon spots though. The darker colors come from the sire.

The parents and their pedigrees are on my website if you want to look.

Dam: Chrisi's Critters Pookey
Sire: Chrisi's Critters Hi Ho Silver

They were named when I got them of course.

Thanks again for your help.

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