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Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by karmouth, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Dec 1, 2008
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    I had a ff this year that had twins . She is a great mom as far as taking care of her babies . The problem is that she has very lil milk. I have been supplementing them with bottles . They are now up to 12 oz 3 times a day plus what ever they get from mom. I have been able to milk 2 other does that just have 1 apeice .They are drinking more than I can get from them so I am now mixing 1/2 +1/2 with replacer . They are not even 2 weeks old yet so I have at lest 6 more weeks and a lot more replacer to go. The Question is should I give her another time at kidding and chance being stuck with bottle babies or send her down the road . What would you do ? This is the first time I had this happen . Her mom always has a great bag . I really like her but not sure what to do .I have another doe from the same buck , that wont be bred till April and was wondering if it is the buck that throws the bag or if it is the mom's Opinions and thought really needed
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    it is usualy the buck who will produce the udder in his daughers but doelings mom do play a part in what kind of udder the they will get.

    Beings that it is her first time I would give her another shot at it if you have the time and space to keep her.

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    Something else. Offer she like Molasses water or something like that, that she really likes. The more liquid that she drinks the more milk she will make.

    Is she able to get to some salt? Make sure that is out so she can eat that and then that will help to get her to drink more.

    I would for sure give her another chance. I have does that have very small utters the first delivery and they get bigger. How old is she? If she is young that is another reason she could not be producing that much.
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    I think both dam and sire together pass on udder qualities to kids. Since she is a FF, I would give her one more time and see if she improves. Also trying what SweetGoats mentioned would be good too. There are also milk-boosting herbs such as fennel, fenugreek, dill, and some more (not coming to my head now).
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    If this doe is just a yearling, I'd give her another chance. I'd also hang onto her if she has correct conformation and breed her to a buck out of lines that produce milk. I have one doe who does not produce a whole lot of milk, but has a high, wide and very well attached udder as well as wonderful dairy character. I'm looking forward to her daughter freshening this spring. Her sire is out of a line that makes lots of milk and his daughters that freshened last year did pretty well for yearlings. One other suggestion is that you mix the goat milk with whole cow's milk rather than replacer. Replacer has a tendency to cause scours and bloat.