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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Realfoodmama, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Apr 12, 2010
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    So the time is almost here for me to breed my Nubian doe. As some of you may know I only have two goats and I am trying to alternately breed them so that only one is in milk at a time.

    I live in an urban area and do not have a buck, nor would it be possible to keep a buck on the property. (I have neither the space nor the resources for him)

    My problem is two-fold. First, my doe has a pretty much silent heat. I have owned her since July of 2009 and have never seen her display any of the obvious signs of heat. I basically guess based off the behavior of her companion.

    Secondly, I can't really send my Nubian away for a whole month to guarantee she gets preggers because my other goat would go nutty by herself for that long. And she is LOUD.

    So basically, I need advice on the best way to get my Nubian knocked up! Should I try to find a buck service that will let me drive her over, see if she stands and then if she doesn't try again in a day or two? That is pretty much all I have been able to come up with so other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    That is a good method.... :thumb:

    That is about the only way to get your Doe bred in your circumstances of not being able to keep a buck for any period of time.....

    You can get a rag and wipe it on a sticky buck....then smear it all over your doe face ect...sometimes ....that helps to bring them in......

    Also.... there is a shot I believe it is called Lutalyse--that can be used bring her into standing heat... in a short time....tell your vet ...what you want to do and he or she will set you up and tell you the dosage to use........ ....then you will know ...when to take her to a buck..... :wink:

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    take a rag and ask someone if you can rub it all over the stinky parts of the buck (beard, head, belly, front legs). Then seal it in a ziplock bag. Every day take the rag out and see how your doe responds to it. Or you can leave it hanging somewhere in the pen so she can smell it. Should either bring her into heat or allow you to notice changes as she tries to find the man she smells ;)
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    I have heard of a lot of people haveing pretty good success with buck rags.