need some canine help-not emergency just concerned

Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by sixshooterfarm, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Have a 8-9 week old pitbull pup. fat dumb and happy. I noticed that she has a small amount of clear fluid out of her nose and kinda sneezes. Now when i say kind of sneezes it is not like a kennel cough sneeze... more like you know when a dog is walking around sniffing things and they give that kinda blow to clear their nose kinda... gosh hard to explain, it isent a true sneeze. I know what kennel cough is and this is not it. She has no fever, great weight great appetite great energy. And this is not a constant thing either. it is 4 in the morning right now and I just took her out to go potty and noticed it, she has done it since I have had her, 5 days. the fluid from her nose is just a tiny bit and not constant..... what do you all think?
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    I found this on the internet hope it helps

    A clear fluid from a young dog’s nose is very often allergy, usually due to dust or pollen. In this case the discharge would be from both nostrils and there may also be some intermittent sneezing. Provided he is bright and active, eating well and there are no other signs of illness like cough
    or vomiting it is reasonable to give this some time. Most pups grow out of it.

    Of course if you feel he is unwell or the discharge turns thicker or with colour in it you should have him checked by your vet.

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    I agree 100% that it sounds more like allergens. If the fluid turns colors (yellow and/or green) then worry or if the little one starts coughing or sounding severly congested.

    My mastiffs will do this when there is a change in the season or when there is alot of wind blowing.

    As also mentioned, temp, lethergy, not eating or drinking - then be worried.

    Would love to see a pic of the new baby!!!
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    ssf -

    Just wanted to let you know - for some reason this post was doubled - so I deleted the other one so that you could have everyone respond on one thread -

    PS - if the allergies get real bad, you can always give childrens benydryl to the little one
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    Toth - Reverse Sneezing... so that is what it is called. Very interesting, thanks for sharing that bit of info. My one dog does that alot lately, I wondered what he was doing. It even says inthat article how to try and stop it. Great bit of info. :thumbup:
  7. toth boer goats

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    Your welcome...Tina ...I actually had our 6 year old dog ...recently start the backwards sneezing...Our vet said to give him Benadryl allergy....antihistamine 2x a day...he said it may make him drowsy.....well it didn't...but that is good..
    I used it for a little while and I decided to stop it ...when it rained ... he has been fine so far it was definitely.... something in the air...... I hate giving animals meds if I can avoid them.. I will...But if they need them ...I do if it helps or cures them..... :)